A guy said to me today  “You are one boring player to play against!” I had my tight game on. We were the final two players in a 6man Sit N Go. He played pretty tight during the tournament and was rather polite along the way, but he had a bad beat and lost it. My notes on him went from positive to negative pretty quick.

He began raising 3xbb every hand, and showing his cards when I folded. 34off, q2off, 96off. You get the picture. Still I folded most hands out of position like Q7off, A4off, 73suited.  What confused me was every so often he would fold on the button. Im thinking, “if you’re raising with 34offsuit, what are you folding?


He had around 6500 and my stack was close to 2500 when i decided to call his raise to 375 from my 150bb.  I had j5off. Silly, yes, but it was a play I decided to make there. I took my time before calling to make it seem like I had a decent hand this time. My intention was to try and bluff this one, but I hit a jack on the flop. The other two cards were lower and colorful.  Was fairly sure I had the best hand here. I checked, and he went all in right away. I had around 2100 left and I felt this was my best chance to avoid getting blinded out, as many of my previous hands were shitty it seemed, or at least not nearly good enough to play against an aggressive tilter in a hurry. I snap-called my J5 and he turned over 88. I won the hand and essentially traded stacks with the dude.


Now this is what bothers me – after that he started whining, calling me a loser calling me a fish. What a horrible call, such a donk. I told him “man, thats what happens when you raise with trash over and over and over, and you show me your cards after I fold. oops! I was bound to call with something.”   His play wasn’t that strong in the tournament, he had one showdown where he got someones stack while holding qq with a jk4 rainbow flop. The other guy had 10 j and went all in. But other than that he raised quite a bit in position and won or lost pots without showing his cards.

Theres nothing wrong with an aggressive strategy like that, but when you rub it in someones face that youre bluffing me out of my blinds all night with shit hole cards, then he got what he had coming in my opinion.


He never stopped after that. For a guy in such a hurry, he spent more time typing shit to me than raising. “you’re so boring! sitting there waiting for AA, I am going to blind you to death! I just want this to be over” he said.   So each time he raised my shitty hands I would wait about half to 3/4 my clock time before folding, and I could see that it was pissing him off even more. I won a couple hands by raising myself on the button with stuff like 910suited, and he folded. But his aggression took my stack slowly down to around 4900 where he had 4100. At this point he was too busy telling me to hurry up and fuck you and Im a donk, he has places to go etc..  He raised me typically, it was now 200/400, and he made it 1200, I waited a second and typed an LOL to something he said, cant remember what exactly, but I hit ‘enter to submit my LOL comment and instead of doing that, the enter button actually made me reraise him the min amount. Luckily I had AJsuited that hand. 🙂 I planned on raising bigger, that was my only mistake, but it worked out good as he said “finally!’ and went all in. I called and he turned over 107off, and the turn gave me an Ace and 100%.

He called me a loser and left the table quickly, and I sat back and chuckled in relief for a second. It was my 3rd first place in a row and I felt pretty good that it worked out.


Normally I have a bit of trouble against the super aggressive players. Not the really good ones, but the donks give me more trouble. A good super aggressive player will raise just about any two cards, but will fold usually to a nice reraise preflop, given I have folded most all else. I can usually handle that pretty well. But the ones who raise everything, where I fold 75% of there raisings, when I finally come back and 3bet them with a decent hand, and they call or raise even higher(minimum raise amount of course) and I shove my chips in with AQsuited and they turn over A6off, and hit 2 sixes on the board.  That keeps happening to me lately, Its freaky. Im pretty aggressive myself but I can fold A9 suited if I get reraised big enough, even by a donk. I play a lot of heads up and run into lots of these players, and the laws of variance will allow me to win most of those hands over time, but the last month, I swear, its out of control.


I think people see advertisements and articles on people like ‘Beyne’ and how his super aggressive style has proven very successful, but maybe they dont read the entire article, and inherit some kind of invincibility figment in the first paragraph were super-aggression and great success are present in the same sentence. Fold people! Ok, you want to raise my 20bb to 40 every single hand? Thats fine! fine indeed! Ill fold hands I dont like, and Ill call hands that i like, and Ill reraise hands that are monsters or great hidden hands like 89diamonds. but if you want any success at poker, observe others playing styles. If I fold almost 75% of your needle-raises, dont you think that when I come back and raise it from 40 to 130 that I have a good hand this time? Probably better than q8off? or better yet, keep calling 🙂 and tell your friends its a good way to play, because 8x out of 10, when variance is back in my favor, I will cripple your ass when you 5bet me with that trash and I shove.


I read in a book some time ago, maybe it was Daniel Negraneu who said, if your bored playing poker, your playing well. Folding lots of shit hands out of position gets really boring, I guess maybe thats what makes a player decide to be super-aggressive; the lack of fun that folding entails. Im sure it has its ups, and maybe one day I will experiment with it more, but for now I will stick with whats working for me, and thats the common tight aggressive style, with the occasional 3bet on a full table holding 68spades to keep it unpredictable. I play for money first, and fun second. How much fun is it really if you lose? especially if you lose with 88 to some donk holding j5off and calling your shove! 😉


They call me Pirate, and this is my new blog. Im no pro, but Im climbing, and each and every day I get better and better and my stats improve, and the hole I dug myself into learning how to play better, is all but filled in.   Ive played more games of poker this month by 10 games than Ive played any month since I began playing for real money in 2008.  Ive been reading books and taking it more serious than ever before.  And Im certainly getting the experience.  And its these experiences that I will share throughout this blog.  I intend to continue winning at small stakes until I have enough to play higher stakes, and keep climbing until I can pay my monthly bills from poker, and then higher than that 🙂
This is the documentation of my efforts.

I like to think of this point in my poker life as “Becoming Pro”