I’ve wanted to be a writer for some time now.  I prefer to write fiction, but Ive never finished anything I started writing.  My Dad suggested the other day, to start a blog and write bits about things I am involved in, and interests and opinions I have.  I must say, I was intrigued at the idea, and 24 hours later here I am introducing myself and my blog to the world.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never read a blog, and until yesterday I barely knew what it was.  I am an absolute blog rookie.  But why not? I have nothing better to do at this time.  Im laid-off from my day job as a carpenter, as January and February are slow months where I live.

They call me the Pirate.  Im from Winnipeg,  Canada.  I currently live near a lake outside my hometown. I spend my time playing small stakes poker online, watching movies and playing guitar.  I do this every day, for hours and hours and hours.  Since I got laid off, Ive been leaning towards adding writing into my agenda.  Though it’s not what I had in mind, Im going to put my writing efforts into this blog and see where it takes me.  I do have many things to say about many topics, but primarily, I think for the time being I will be writing mostly about my poker experiences.  But rest assured, to those who read this, there will be a lot more to come if I stick with it.

For now I will submit a post or 2, but understandably, much of my attention will be devoted to learning about WordPress, and site options, and blogs themselves.  I opened this blog completely free, and when I can afford it I will upgrade to a premium account.   I’m open to advice and suggestions and criticism.

If you have interests similar to mine, I promise this will not be boring.


Update :  No longer a blog only about poker


Update :  A better description of what this is