3 hands in.. 6 man sit n go. Buddy to my right has played all 3 hands, and now hes first to act.

He opens with a min raise to 40.  I look down at 33. I don’t want all the other people limping in for

40, but 33 isn’t that strong of a hand.  I chose to make it 100. Everyone folds but him, and thats

exactly what I wanted. He calls and the flop comes A38. Normally this would be great, except that

they are all clubs. He checks it to me, and if I am going to win this hand, now is my chance. The

pot is 230. I believe in making you pay a good price if your gonna chase a flush. (assuming you

dont already have one) I bet 275. Maybe a suspicious bet? Yes I’m sure it was. But he called.


The turn card was a club. NOT what I wanted to see. I was quite sure this guy didn’t have a

flush already on the flop, and my best guess was that he was protecting his ace from my flush draw,

or or he had the queen or king of clubs. He checked it to me again. the pot was 780 now and I

had a ten or eleven hundred left. I requested more time and thought hard as I could. My options were

to bet, which would then fork into the decision of to bet high or go all in, or bet really low to confuse

him, or to check it to the river card and see if I can pair the board while leaving me looking weak. In

the end I opted to bet cause after all, I have a set that dominates any ace or two pair he could have,

it eliminates any weakness i may have shown, and gives me a chance to win the pot right there. And

my hand can still improve to a full house which would just about guarantee a swell payoff. The thing

that worried me was his call of my first over-bet. and maybe that’s where I went wrong. I chose to

bet 350. He took a long time and eventually called.


I should have got out of the hand right then and there. I should’ve bet really small on the flop. I see

this now. There’s a lot of talk going around right now about benefits of smaller betting habits, and Ive

been exercising this for a while now. I dont know what changed in me today, maybe it was the fact

that Ive been rivered twice already today and again with the AK-suited vs ATs and short-stacked all in

only to lose to a ten on the turn. oh, and this one – the fish lady who calls everything right to the

river sucking hands left and right from peoples pockets and sets. I raise her bb with k9clubs she

calls for 2.5xbb, flop A clubs, 5 heart, j clubs. I bet 3/4 pot size she calls. Turn comes 5 clubs. I

have my flush I go all in she calls with 75off, and hits a 7 on the river for a full house. Pull my

hair out!


But back to the original hand, after analyzing my mistakes in this hand, I see the river is a queen

of clubs, a five club board. (hmm, I’m realizing now the popularity of club flushes today) he doesnt

take long to go all in, and at this point Ive invested so much into this hand, and become so frustrated

that i have to call. I have to see, even if its just so i can note this guy accurately. I splash my

chips in there and show my set of threes hoping for a split at best, but he shows the king of clubs,

and the queen of…….diamonds. Thank you for the notes, your welcome for my money, see you

next time fuckface.


Now that pisses me off. Yes I should have bet lower on the flop. or maybe I should’ve bet higher

preflop? Something tells me he would have called any amount if it boiled down to me and him. But

the odds of hitting a 4th club on the turn are very heavy against. Implied odds are great, yes, and

maybe he would’ve folded if the turn was a heart and I bet huge. Ill never know, but if your going to

chase implied odds all day for bets higher than the current pot, your going to be reloading pretty quick.


Its a good thing poker is online these days, because I picture myself taking many of the suckout beats

I do, in live casino play, and I’m sure I would’ve been dragged out by security a few times for jumping

across the table to rip some faces off.

I must have played 10 games yesterday, and got first four times, and second 3 times, and lost the

others. Today Ive played four games, and I haven’t placed once. The only thing keeping me going

today is the fact that when Ive lost all my chips, it was to someone who had a lesser hand than me

before the flop, who made a bad call somewhere that payed off like fishflakes. Ive taken a break for

the last hour and written this instead of tilting. Lets see if it helps..


Well its been an interesting day at the tables. I got first place the very next game I played, but I

continued losing after that. I did however, grab two more second places. But along the way were

some interesting conversations. First, I played a 6man tourney and did ok. A girl got knocked out early

and stuck around to keep chatting to her friend, a guy from Luxemburg. Small talk, but she stuck

around for a long time and then left. When she came back it was me and the lux guy left. She was

asking him to play another game after. He told her “sure, but it might take a while, I have a good

opponent here.” After a second or two he continued “I find myself wondering why he is not playing

higher stakes.” I was glad to hear that and intrigued, so I began talking to him. “Really? you think

so?” Turns out he was a high stakes player who only went to low stakes to play a few games with

the lady. So I was really complimented well. I took his stack once with a nice checkraise but he

eventually beat me. We played another game together, all three of us, and talked a lot, and he told

me about his poker winnings and how i should be playing higher, and I explained to him my extra

cautious bankroll management system. But it was a great compliment, good for my morale on this

losing day, and I’m sure ill see him at the higher tables soon 🙂


After that, a while later on, I sat at another 6 man table. Waiting for entrants to arrive this other guy

asked me if I played four hours ago. I told him Id been playing almost 8 hours now. Then I asked

why, and he told me he remembers the notes he wrote but not my name. I asked him what his

notes said, expecting him to laugh and not tell me, but he told me they said shark, watch out! Again I

was totally complimented! The girl from earlier was also in this sng, and we made it to the final 2.


Going heads up, she said to me straight up “you’re a good player.” I complimented her back as she

was also good. 3 compliments in one day, on my worst day in a long time. I must say I feel a lot

better. I lost to her eventually when I checked a 3spade flop 10being the highest card, I had ace

ten off, no spades. she had jtoff, jack of spades. I checked, she bet most of her stack and I put her

all in. Of course, the turn was a spade. She apologized and said goodnight.


Maybe I will play higher stakes tomorrow, but for the rest of the night, im gonna keep it low as luck

isn’t much on my side on this day..