Its always exciting to pick up an AK.  Youre usually going to get a little more money in the pot, from just about any position, right?  Especially if your only up against one or two limping opponents.  And if your short stacked, theres a damn good chance your gonna be all in preflop with this hand.
But how about this scenario?


You have 1000 chips left.  The guy to your right is a complete fish, and somehow, hes the chip leader.  The guy to your left is decent, and hes beginning to run out of chips himself, with say, 1600. Your the last 3 at the table, and top two positions pay. Youre on the big blind and you have AKoff.  800 left in your stack as the blinds are 100/200. The dealer folds, and the small blind limps in.


Now here’s the kicker.  The fish to your right has played tonnes of pots.  Hes accumulated that stack by calling raises with shitty hands out of position, and getting lucky. Now, you know its likely he has a trash hand, and going all in with AK here will be profitable most of the time. But since your up against an opponent who is eager to get you out of the tournament, and has shown awful calls the entire game, theres a great chance he will call you with any two cards. Normally, this is good, but consider the worst.  


This scenario happened to me, and many like it happen all the time.  The actual hand played out with me going all in AK, and the fish limper calls, he shows 10 8 offsuit.  Flop is 44Q.  Turn is 6.  river is 10.  He wins, Im out. Fucking rivered me.  

Im thinking, in a scenario like this, it may be better to not go all in with a call-station.  Surely if I just checked and saw the flop, and then shoved all in, he would have no reason to call, and Id win the pot and stay alive another hand.  


Its a hard decision, AK, its a dominating hand, but if someone calls your all in, they are committed until the river.  It may be better to raise small or call or check, and then bluff on the flop.  If by then they dont hit their shitty hands, they would most likely fold.  But theres always the possibility that they have 74 and the flop comes 4J2.  You go all in on that and theyre sure to call.  Its a tough tough decision.  But its something to think about.   Myself, next time I am up against a call-station who limps to my blind and I have short stack and AK, I will min raise and all in at flop. or check and all in.  


Heres another scenario, happened to me this morning.  Id won 2 tourneys in a row, on a roll I was!  4 or 5 hands in, I haven’t played a hand yet.  I forget my position but I had AKoff.  The guy to my left had a little fish picture from when I tagged him as a chump on a previous day.  Everyone at the table limped in for 20 and I raised it to 100, making the pot 220. Fish-boy called and so did the guy to my right.  

Flop :  6d Ah Jd. No one bet so I bet 175.  They both call.  hmmm..

Turn is a King of clubs.  No one bets.  the pot is 745.  I started the hand with a full stack of 1500.  I bet 375.  Fish-boy calls, guy to my right goes all in.  Are you kidding?  KK limp?  KJ?  TQ?

I call and fish-boy calls, were all-all in!  Guy to my right shows his inferior AJ two pair.  Ive got him with AK two pair.  Fish-boy shows Q3diamonds!!  Seriously buddy?  bet your whole stack on the hopes of a river diamond?  Fucking 2 of diamonds on the river, fish-boy takes us both out and rakes in 4500 chips.  I cant believe he played that, and kept calling.

What a joke.  If you play like that, you’re an idiot.