These hands have been haunting me for days!

    I cant figure out if I played them wrong, or if I was just outplayed or outlucked..  
Again, start of a 6 man sit n go tourney.  Maybe 5 hands in.  I played one hand so far and won it with a showdown.  People saw my cards at the end, and I cant remember how that hand went, but I remember feeling like they now know I am a bit tricky!


I had lost a few games that day and I was a bit frustrated.  But I dont think I played this stupidly. ?

    ON THE BUTTON, everyones bloody limping in.  Everyones played more hands than me.  I see ace jack hearts.  Ok this ones mine I think.  I make a raise here, 5 times the big blind.  Everyone folds except this one hero.  He snapcalls.  

    The flop come ace of diamonds, 4 of spades, 9 of spades.  The hero bets the pot amount. Sure buddy, fuck off.  I got you beat!  I raise him like 4 times the pot.  He goes all in.

    ? Really?  AK?  2 spades?  AA?  44?  am I dominated?  Maybe I shouldve folded but this is where my frustration kicked in, no fucking way hes got me beat, I can sense it.  Fuck you dipshit, I am all in too.  Call all of my chips, show him my ace jack.  What do I see him holding?  A5spades.  

    ok, makes sense I guess.  Top pair, flush draw, shitty kicker.  hes dominated before the flop, and even now I think hes only about 35 percent to hit another spade.  Turn card comes, its a 5of hearts.  Great, now this prick has 2 pair, how the hell did that happen?  and sure enough, the river brings him a spade.  Im out.


    Ive been analyzing this hand for 3 days now. The only conclusion I have is to play it weaker and minimize my losses.  I was certain he didnt have AA or 44, I was certain I was ahead.  There was already three limpers ahead of me, and in a pot like that its likely the small blind would limp after me.  I hate hands with 6 people involved.  There was no way I was going to limp in on the button.  Maybe I shouldve raised lower and just kept calling?  

Maybe I shouldve raised higher and hoped to fold out A5suited?  but I raised 5x bb.  Is it even reasonable to raise higher than that?  So early in the game?  With a mediocre hand like AJs?


    If I raised lower, I may have had another caller.  He surely wouldve bet the pot on a two spade flop, with an ace paired.  I wouldve called.  Wouldnt anyone?  Then when his 5 came on the turn and I saw it wasnt a spade, I probably wouldve tried to make a move then, and now surely he wouldve called with 2 pair and a nut flush draw.  I dont think theres any way I couldve won this hand, and it makes me sick to think that, since he was dominated from the moment he looked at his cards.  

    I can understand a call cause there was pot odds for him after my preflop raise, and ace 5 suited isnt exactly a trash hand.  But I question the reraise to all in after I reraised him huge! He must think hes up against AK at least, or AQ.  Meaning all of his hopes were on hitting a flush, and its my opinion, whether you have the ace or not, betting all of your chips on a flush draw when your getting reraised huge, 5 hands into a SNG tourney, is a shitty play, and I think you will lose more than you win!


    Now theres one more hand.  This one isnt so mysterious cause its a play right out of my books, and Im just shocked to have fallen for it.  The guy played me like a sucker, and I thought I was gonna destroy him!

    Half way through a six seater.  Ive been playing kind of tight.  On the button again.  I think theres 4 people left.  Dude is first to act.  He calls 400.  I have 67of spades.  Im the dealer and Id like to squeeze out these other two blinds and have it just between me and dude for this pot.  I like my hidden hand.  I have a fair stack of chips, so I make it a simple 1200.  3xbb.  Small blind folds, big blind calls, dude calls.  we see the flop.

    5spades, Ace of clubs, 8hearts.  Ive got an open end straight draw, exactly the reason I played this hand.  first guy checks, dude bets small, like 1000.  The pots 4800 with his bet in.  Lets try something, I think.  I raise to 2800.  Maybe silly?  But its a nice question asking bet, and it will payoff if I hit my straight!  and I can afford it at this point.  


    first guy folds, dude calls.  Ok, hes got the ace.  unless he has 67 like me, hes got an ace.  The turn comes.  9 of spades.  BOOM!  Ive got my hand 🙂  plus its another spade, I could hit a back-door flush.  This guys got more chips than me, I want to reel his ass in slowly now, and not make him fold if thats possible. However in retrospect, winning that pot alone would have sufficed just fine!

    He checks.  Checks?  Seems kind of weak.  Must be a small ace? A7? A2?  unless hes trying to reel me in with AA or 88 but if thats the case i can play along cause Ive got any trips beaten thus far.  My mistake here maybe, was not betting very big.  I wanted to keep him in hand, I saw the potential to win just about all of his chips if I played it right.


    theres 10400 in the pot now.  Hes checked it to me.  I have the nut straight.  Nothing could go wrong here.  He has an ace, Im sure of it!  I bet half the pot, 5200.  He calls casually.  The river brings the ace of fucking spades.  A back-door flush!  Theres no way he saw this coming!  Hes got his shitty ace, now is when I make it look like Im happy with my hand and I want him to think I have an ace too.  And I know he has one, so I think hell call anything.  pot was over 20000 now, and cant remember but I had maybe 7 thousand left.  He checks!  Even I almost believed I had an ace when i pushed all in, but I improved from a straight to a flush, it felt good already, I was smiling!


    Dude calls and turns over his cards.  A5offsuit.  Two pair right from the flop.  Full house on the river.  played me like a turkey when I thought I was playing him like a little bitch right from the start!  Good work to him, I must say.  Nice hand.  Well maybe not a nice hand, but well played.  Small bet on the flop, check the turn, call my bets, check the river?  Ballsy, but right out of my playbook.  He must have hoped I had ak or aq.  Im sure he was surprised of my hand too, to see I had a straight AND a flush.  Im sure he was like, holy shit man, I thought you had an ace for sure!  It was tricky of me, and I thought I had him so bad, but turns out we were tricking each other, and when the river paired the board, he got the best of me.  

    I dont think he wouldhave folded on the turn if I went all in.  I had about 12k left after the turn, the pot was around 10k, and he must have had about 15k.  I think again, I was doomed all along.  But it was an exciting hand that wouldve been the play of the day most definitely had the board not paired, or if he had AK himself.  

    Either way, I havent been winning much at all since these two hands!