I have an uncanny ability to remember specific hands from ages ago.  Im sure thats quite common in the poker world, we seem to have the best memories.

I remember a hand about 6 years ago, before I was even good at poker.  It was superbowl sunday and there was a scheduled tournament at a bar in a small town in Manitoba.  It was a rare thing, I dont think theres ever been another.  It must have been a 20 dollar buy in.  My Dad and I both played in it.

The only hand I remember, I had AKoffsuit.  I raised before the flop.  Some old lady called me.  The flop was KKx.  I checked and the lady bet.  Im sure it was minimum bet.  I raised her pretty decent.  She called, and the turn was another junk card.  The board looked something like KK35 and I had AK.  I dont know who acted first but at this point money starting going into the pot.  Trying to remember if I was all in or not, but that lady stuck around for the river.

The river was a 7 and we were both all in for sure now.  She turned over her cards, bloody 77 for the full house.

I remember shaking my head in disgust at the fact she chased that so expensively, and the guy next to me was like “Dude, you played that great, she had no business winning that hand”   I still had chips left but not for long.  My dad made it to the final table but we both ended up leaving empty handed.

Online, about 4 years ago.  I remember this one hand I had 55.  I had a read on this girl, for some reason I was really sure she had a poket pair too.  I think it was because she limped in, in early position.  The flop was 5A6.  Sitting on three 5’s I bet small to keep her in it.  The next card was an Ace and I had a boat.  Oh yeah, I went all in.  I didnt have too many chips, I recall and it was late in the tourney.  She took a while and callled.

She had 99.  I was pretty happy about that until the river came.  It was another Ace.  Giving her 99AAA.  And now my 555AA became 55AAA, and I was out.  Sick, hey?  Ill never forget that.

About 3 years ago, another sit n go tourney online.  There were three people left and top two paid.  I had 72suited 🙂

Somebody raised my big blind, and one of the rarest moments of my poker life I reraised him huge on a stone cold bluff.  I dont think ive ever done this again.  He called, and the flop came 772 😀  He went all in.  I was kind of a dick, I waited about 20 seconds and called.  He had AA.  I won the hand and the tournament after that.   I dont think either of us will ever forget that hand, it was donk perfection!

There was an unforgetable hand I played on facebook poker one time.  They had this thing called the weekly tournament, you get so many chips, and you just play anytime you log in and it lasts all week.  You either run out of chips or keep getting more.

This chick was being a real bitch in the chat box,  just calling people names and bragging about how she was so good at poker and we were just a bunch of chumps.  The chip amounts were ridiculous, I think I had about 400 000.  She had about 200 000 and the blinds were like 400/800 LOL.

I had 77 in the hole.  I remember raising pretty large, and getting reraised.  Her and I and one other guy were going to see a flop.   When it came, it was 2 hearts and 7!   She was betting huge of course and I was calling and the other guy was folding.  All the while, bickering in the chat box.

The turn came and it was another 7.  What a great feeling that is, cause it was also a heart,  and this chick bet enormous like she had a flush or something.  There was probably 40k in the pot and she bet something like 60k.  I went all in whatever I had left, hundreds of thousands, and she snapcalled, turning over ace-deuce of hearts.  7777 baby. I called her a little bitch as her whole stack slid towards my pile 🙂  Im never mean at the tables, I barely chat ever, but it really bothers me when people are so arrogant at the table calling people names and just trash talking filth.  If that goes on I try to stay out of it unless im targeted in the name calling, then ill get nasty right back.

Soon after that game on facebook, I had over a million chips.  And soon after that I had like 10 million.  I remember my friends being like “how the fuck did you get so many chips?”   Then one day I got a message to my inbox, it was some kind of spam thing, but i opened the message and read it and deleted it.  The very next day I logged into facebook poker and my 10 million chips were gone, and I had like 800k left.

Im pretty sure that message was some kind of hacker deal and because I opened it, I enabled someone to hack just about all of my chips.  I sent Zynga an email about it and they pretty much told me I had to prove that I had 10 million chips, sure like I had a photograph of it or something.  What a joke.  And what a joke if you spend your time trying to hack peoples facebook accounts to steal their play-money.  Bunch of clowns.  I made it back up to 4 or 5 million and then never played again.

About 2 years ago, maybe 3, I remember it was shortly after I moved out here to what I call the forest  🙂  My co-worker Ben invited me to a home game with some locals.  I didnt really know anybody but that was ok.  It was a pretty decent game, everyone took it serious.  They even had two decks of cards, so when a hand ended the next deck was already shuffled and ready to go, and old deck was collected and shuffled by the next dealer.  Id never seen that before, I thought it was quite cool.

I dont remeber many hands, except the time I had AA.  People were doing a lot of raising it was a pretty lose game.  So I limped in expecting someone to raise, and sure enough, they did.  Bunch of callers too, so the pot was healthy and thats when I just went all in.   Everyone folded except Ben.  He called me and turned over Q9off! The flop came and he ended up wining with three Q’s.  Grrrrrr!  We joked for a bit after that I remember him saying he loves busting people out with hands like that when they have monsters!

Ya, me too 🙂

Anyways, not a very exciting post.  Just bored.  Im sure I can think of 25 more hands from years ago.  But these were the most memorable.  And now theyre documented so now I will surely not ever forget them.  Anybody ever watch hands on youtube?  like the 4 aces vs royal flush? Or that one where 7 people had pocket pairs?  I think the guy with KK folded before the flop to AA, and everyone else ended up folding their hands too, like JJ and maybe a 33, actually I think a guy with 77 called.  Anyways, there was a king on the flop and KK wouldve won.

Or this hand where television invites a nobody to come and play with Negraneau and Hansen and Laak and those boys.  Everybody was raising this one hand and the nobody guy had AA, and he actually folded before the flop.  I think it was good for him because somebody had pocket 4’s or something and hit a set.  Crazy.

My favorite is the Jenifer Harman with QQ.  Just brutal.  Ill post it in the comment box.