Big blind.  Some people just dont recognize how silly they seem from this position. Let me explain.

We get our cards, the first 2 people fold. The next guy calls and I call with T9off on the button. small blind limps in and big blind checks. The flop is 3hearts, 5hearts, 8clubs. Everyone checks to me, I check too. The next card is a 9hearts.

Small blind checks, big blind decides he wants to take a stab so he min bets, maybe hoping for a fourth heart. The other guy folds, I call, and small blind folds too. The river comes ace of spades.

Big blind has a feeling that I was hoping for a heart and probably puts me on a Q or K of hearts, or maybe I had bottom pair. But now, on the river, he bets huge, like 7/8 of the pot.

Does he expect me to believe that he had the ace the whole time? or maybe he had two hearts and hit his flush on the turn? After all, he is the only one who didnt have a choice to play his hand before the flop, his money was already in the pot and his cards were his cards and thats that.  I am on the button so if I had an ace, chances are I wouldve raised earlier.  So he can at least assume I dont have an ace, and wants to make me believe he does.
The other two people in the hand, small blind probably just had junk and the other caller might have had the ace but it surely wasnt a heart, and thats what he probably folded last round – the ace of clubs or something.  Chances are the big blind doesnt have two hearts in his hand because if he was at all decent, he probably wouldve bet on the flop to at least get a few answers.  At best, if this is an honest bet he may have two pair like 59.  if he had 58, he’d have two pair on the flop and would want to chase out any flush draws, right?  So I call bullshit, and I call just to be safe.  He shows the Q of hearts and the 3 of diamonds, pair of 3’s with a busted Q flush draw.  I take the pot and laugh to myself.

Think about what you are doing if you are trying to bluff from the big blind position, cause if you are a good poker player, you will probably raise with a good hand before the flop, even from big blind.  And if you flop a decent hand like top pair or flush draw, you will probably bet on that as soon as possible.

Now take this logic and reverse it for a second.  I often like to defy myself from big blind.  Once in a while I will be dealt AJsuited on the big blind, and if there are 3 or 4 people in the pot already, I will check.  Once people have money invested, it is hard for them to fold.  So for me to raise, I have to raise pretty big, and I dont like to raise huge out of position (big blind) with a medium-strong hand like AJs.

QQ? for sure. AKoff? likely.  But in a pot with four or more players trying to see a flop, I will check this hand 9 out of 10 times from the big blind position.

Now the flop comes A57.  check check check check.  No i wont bet because this is part of my trap.  No one else bets so it feels pretty safe.  I can probably bet half the pot or more on the next card no matter what it is.  And I hope its a king. or a jack I guess. 

So its a king, and buddy checks.  I am second to act and I throw out a decent bet after waiting a second.  The guy with the king calls and the guy with JTcalls.  the turn is a jack.  The guy with the jack checks cause he knows someone has at least a king here.  I am representing the king so I take a long time to pretend like I am convincing myself that no one has an ace, and I bet just under half the pot.  The guy with the king is hoping for a split pot at best and he calls, and the guy with the jack has to fold.

Boom, I win, two pair.

Its a tricky position, and if you watch closely at the person who is on big blind, you can tell quickly if they are half decent or tricky, or just a hungry fish looking to bite on anything that moves.

Big blind is a great position to trap people if you have a nice hand, and its also a good position to watch other people in because they feel the pot was theirs to begin with, and often try to bluff from there if there’s not much action.

Test it out!