No, this isnt about jagger-bombs or sex on the beach, or even straight tequila.

          You know, unless youre the best, you should have something higher to aim for. To sit comfortably at your own level of poker and do alright, is less than sitting at richer games and breaking even. Always have to climb. Sit at levels youre comfortable with and in a matter of time, like everything else, you upgrade. Move on up. And as long as you play poker, keep moving if your success allows it.

It may be odd to hear that from me ’cause Im a low stakes player, but if this isnt the first post youve read on my blog here, then likely you know Im striving and passionate about it. Im writing these entries and it may sound like Im casually grinding the junior league but in reality Im out there man, Im taking shots, Im running when I have momentum and Im paying for mistakes, and bad luck when it comes around. Secretly my mission was to get the results first and come back here with a great story of success and move on up accordingly.

I log these low stakes stories, but dont get me wrong, Im out there trying to get new stories like journalist in Iraq, taking shots and dodging bullets. And you have to. Especially from low stakes. Move up. Dont lose all your money and reload and play for higher stakes. Get good, beat the low stakes. Be able to afford to move up. Keep moving. Like a fucking poker nomad. I sure as hell cant sit around happy winning at low stakes, I need to move up I feel like a corpse grinding out the dead end games like a dead end job with a steady low income.  Like zombie poker and the donk apocalypse!


Youve read my earlier post about how I got real drunk and took a shot and lost a few hundred dollars in heads up and woke up with zero.

Well, Im still taking shots. Im not getting hammered-drunk this time but I do have a few beers. And Im not playing 100 dollar games anymore! And the truth is I should be here today writing about my success and doubling up my bankroll! Instead is this. I remember it clear as it would be yesterday.

It was 30 dollars heads up. And it was more like 4 weeks ago. I sat down and I started typing to this guy.

he babbled something about right on good luck, he was drunk at 9am because his work shift ended at 6am. But he wished me luck and played horribly. I dont remember all the hands of course except for the important one. I had about 75 percent of the chips at one point but he climbed back. It boiled down to me having QQ. I had a couple thousand more chips than him and I limped in. He liked to raise when I limped in. And he did. I reraised him and he went all in. Just what I wanted. It felt like my big 30 dollar win it felt like success. He shows KToffsuit. You can guess the rest of the hand. Caught the king on the turn and I was left with a couple thousand. What a disappointment. That was supposed to be mine. After playing him for about 15 minutes his big all in move turns out to be with KToffsuit. I just so happen to have QQ and he sucks out a three outer for the pot. My next hand was tilt and I went all in last couple thousand but I had JQoff and he won with 67 or something. Unreal. I played a couple more games that night, for lower stakes heads up, and lost a few more times.

Now the difference here is this: This time around I have been doing great, dominating the low stakes games. I was up 50 dollars in a week, so I could afford to take my 30 dollar shot. And in the morning, I wasnt at zero, I was only about 40 dollars down, which was actually 10 dollars up compared to 2 weeks ago. So in retrospect, he got lucky, I outplayed him, and took my shot and lost. I could beat him, I could beat that game, and everyone who plays me knows it. And if I could afford to play 30$ sit n go’s every day, Id have a lot more money and some better stories. So that is my goal.

The next morning I Didnt take it very hard, I told myself he was a lucky douche and my time will come. Brushed it off and about a week later I was back winning and climbing and building a bigger bankroll.

Now a few days ago, I decided to take another shot. 20 dollar heads up was my choice. I felt confident and I could afford it and a couple of 20 dollar victories would bring my stats up to where I would like them to be. So I sat down.

This douche. Didnt chat to him but he was a straight clown. I could tell after 6 hands I was gonna school this kid. It felt great. Im taking his chips, hes bluffing too much, and calling with shit cards.

When it boils down, I have KK on the button, raise about 3.5 xbb,and he calls. The flop was 96Q. He bet small and I just didnt want to piss around this was it, ALL IN. He fucking calls and turns over J6offsuit. Bottom pair of a shitty hand. The turn comes, SIX, the river comes, JACK. Im out.

Unreal. What the fuck just happened. I look and hes sitting in the same spot, so I join a new game with him. Taking his chips again, hes learned nothing and playing like a pinball machine with 6 balls and flashing lights blaring with horrendous noise.

I have 77. Flop comes 466. I BET. He calls. turn comes 3. I bet, he goes all in. Hmmmm

I think and ponder a fold, but no way, I have him beat and I need this. I was not pot committed but this was my pot. I call and he shows A9off. River comes, ACE. Im crippled.

I was forced all in not long later and my hand was 58suited or something and I couldnt even catch a break against his 23, I think he ended up with three deuces and I was out.

3 fucking bad beats the last three times I took a shot and tried to play significantly above my normal buyins. I shouldve won all those games and didnt win one because of stupid plays buy dumb opponents that got lucky on the turn or river.

Can it get any more discouraging? KK vs J6 I wanted to cry when he hit another 6 on the turn. It was slow motion when I saw it the 6 just appeared so casually like it was there the whole time. If it could speak it would say “what, what you looking at, you knew I was gonna be here.” With some unshaven grin that only the number 6 could pull off and some sort of homeless brooklyn accent.

You cant help but get mad. 26 months ago I would have ripped my mouse off its line and put my hand through my keyboard like a block of ice from karate kid 2. Now I just swear. “Fuck, motherfucker! what the fuck? Are you kidding me? Jack 6? shit! You fucking, motherfuck, unbelievable, jesus christ.

Im not religeous so its ok to say jesus christ. God is one thing but all that jesus stuff come on, its been debunked.

I wanted to keep playing but I turned it off instead and let him get away. Once again I was down and frustrated and confused. I can beat these assholes. I can beat that game. If i could afford it I could sit at 30 dollar tables and win enough to profit. I know it. For me to do that I would have to have about 7 or 800 dollars in my bankroll. Thats about 25 buy ins and Im sure I can win a fair amount of those.

But Im trying. I went to bed angry the other night and woke up bitter. Kind of a nothing-to-lose mentality with a shoulder chip and a committed heart. I played about twice my buy in. I was down and I needed to get back up or lose it all and take a break.

Started out with heads up. I won. Played the same guy. I won. sat down at a little lower buy in heads up. I won. Played another, I won.

Sat down at a 6 seater about twice my normal buy in. I won. Another 6 seater about 1.5x my regular buy in. I won. Heads up again for twice my buy in. I won.

At this point I wanted to shut it off and do something else for a bit, but I was killing. Already made back my losses. One day later, like it never happened. I finally lost a 6 seater and shut it off.

The shots i took didnt pay off, but both times I closed it before i lost too much, and days later its like I lost nothing at all. Like they were free chances to make a better profit, and I outplayed each person each time, but they got lucky each time and sucked out from behind. What can you do. Things are ok and a few more days like that day and I will take another shot. Going to try and move up a little tougher. Push my way up there. I belong up there. And thats where I am aimed.

Stay tuned.