Do you ever notice funny patterns in the way the cards fall compared to the cards you hold when you cant seem to hit anything?   Does it ring a bell to be dealt JT and you call the hand and see a flop and the flop is like Q63?  Turn is  an 8 and river is 3.  The next hand you fold 86, and the flop comes JTA, 2,T.  You kind of think, hmm..  ?

It wouldve been nice to have JT NOW for THIS hand!
The very next hand you have A9 and see a flop, and its K66.  You remember again, that last hand you had folded 86!  Your hands are showing up in the flop one hand LATE !

The next flop has an Ace in it, and so on.  I dont know how much of a post I can make from this, but its worth noting that this happens to me a lot!  It seems every time I start to get bad hands or streaks where I cant win a game, that this kind of pattern starts to show up.  Not every single time, but quite often!

Well Im on that streak right now.  Havent won a game in about 2 days.  Today the pattern is a bit different.  I call T9off on the button after someone else limps in,  we see a flop.  Nothing even close to T9, it was like A62.   The next hand I folded J8offsuit to someones big raise.  The flop came T94.  It was my T9 from last hand, and, if I called with J8 this time Id have a pretty good draw here.  Again it happened but not for a few hands later, it was with 57suited.  I saw a flop AKQ lol, but the next hand had 46 in it of the same suit I had with 57 last hand.  These hands of mine keep showing up late.  Im not sure how to proceed, part of me wants to say go on and call with a shitty hand after your decent hand fails the last flop, but thats unreasonable to do all the time.   The next thing that comes to mind is try and recognize it early when this sort of thing starts to happen, and see if you can get in there before it goes away again.  Maybe try to identify some sort of pattern, like for instance, when its happened to me recently, I was always in late position.  I may start to call with weak hands after my good hand bricked on the last flop, while I am in late-middle position.    I have to try something because I am missing out on a lot of big pots and big pots are just the thing I need to crawl out of this two day slump!

You know, yesterday, when this all started, I had AA twice in a game with callstations and out of the two times I had it I think I won about 7 big blinds, which were quite small at the time!  Once, I reraised with it, got one caller and he folded on the flop when I bet mid sized.  The next time I saw the flop with two people and it was JTx, I bet decent, as there were two diamonds on board and I had the Ace of diamonds too.  What happens next!  nothing.  tick, tick, tick..

The wind picks up a bit outside.  I can see a car driving by across the field.  Check my phone, I have a care package to open in the game I play “MODERN WAR.”  And I missed a call from a 1-800 number.  WTF!  Whats going on here!!  I look and Ive been disconnected from the table.  ARE you kidding me!  With AA?  Why does this always have to happen when I have a great hand!

From that game on luck was 100 percent against me.  Just can not win.  When youre not getting cards, your still going to get position.  So I try once in a while.  After so long people start to think youre just a donk!  I am not getting anything remotely good, and Im getting blinded-out from folding, so I have to get in some pots in position with less than ideal cards sometimes.  It doesnt help that the people behind me are raising when i am in position most of the time with say, J6off.  But once in a while I make the call with T8 !  Nothing works.  Best hands Ive had were 88 and AToff.  This is like 2 days were talking.  Since I work for a living, sort of, that translates to about 8 sit n go tournaments.

Oh wait, heres one for you.  I remember this from yesterday evening now.  Brutal game.  Cant hit nothing.  Im way short sacked.  Blinds are getting big.  I have to make a move SOON.   Then it goes something like this.  Call, call, call.  My turn – AKoff – All in.   Fold, call, call, call, call.  Flop 33A, 9, 6.  Looks pretty good for me.   Muck, muck, muck, show my AK, next guy shows 53off.  Takes the pot.  L.o.l.

So Im not sure tonight.  I wanna play.  Ive already lost 2 games tonight.  3rd place was my best finish since yesterday, just out of the money :p  I was hoping to start writing and just maybe I would write out my own solution naturally, but I still feel stuck.  I will try that calling with shitty hands in late position after a good hand, somewhat..  and I will look for the pattern when my previous hands end up on the next hands flops, and see if I can fit a couple of stray calls in somewhere.

Mostly I just want my game back 😡

Ok, I just got first place.  I didnt have to employ the emergency scenarios I talked about above.  The game had a few good players in it, and I got a few nice hands.  Maybe the storm has passed?  Its nice to have decent players for a change, appropriate folding and pot odds considerations by opponents make it a bit easier than blind calls by lucky chasers when Im less than 100% on the ball.

But Im going to keep these ideas in mind for next time because when these evil streaks hit me, theres not a lot that seems to have worked for me other than sticking to my guns and playing fundamental percentage poker until it prevails, and sometimes that just takes too long!

: )