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Quick Babble

Ok I have another one.

man when I play poker, things happen and I just sit here and think ‘nice, I cant wait to write about that!

even if its a bead beat, or some table talk, or a crazy play.  Just now Im playing these 2 people, I was Very aggressive the whole game.  Some times the cards force you to be.   A couple hands in, I am second to act and I have A5suited.  First guy folds.  I make my typical raise of 2.5xbb.  I got a couple callers and when I bet on two hearts on the flop, they all folded.  Next hand I get KQ suited first to act.  I raise to 300.  Guy to my left calls, one other caller, the flop comes J98.  I bet and he calls and the other guy folds.  Next card is a K and I bet again, a bit small.  He raises me.  It doesnt look like he has much here that can win, if he had a ten, he has the same draw he had on the flop.  If he had a Q, he is still chasing.  If he had a K, then I probably have him beat.   I call his raise.

The river is a blank, 3 or 4, or 5.  I check this time.  The pot is like near 3000.  He bets 2000 and I flat call, he shows KT and I win.  The other players have a minute to absorb what they just saw while I fold the BB to someones small raise.

Everyone folds to me on the small blind and I raise 2.5  The big blind calls and the flop is AT5 and I bet.  Oh yeah, I have 68off.  He calls.  I check the next two cards and so does he and he wins with a ten.  So now they know I dont need a “hand” to bet with.  Next hand I have KK on the button LOL.  Swear to God.  I raise 2.5 and someone raises me to 1100.  Everyone folds and I reraise to 4500 after a few seconds.  He goes all in of course and I call.  He has QQ and I win.    Someone raises me later on when I have JJ.  I call.  The flop is 933.  I bet.  He calls.  Turn is another 9.  I bet, he calls.  River is a 7, I bet, he calls, he mucks  lol.

Then I had AA.  I couldnt make this shit up.  Was a clear heater.   I raise 2.5xbb, and by now they are getting frustrated.  The guy calls and the flop comes Q38 – all clubs.  I dont have any clubs, but I bet.  He waits a long while and goes all in.  I push the time button, figure my figures and call, he had no clubs either, just the 3, and a 4 lol.  I win.

Theres 4 or 5 other hands I can write about, I was winning them all.  But heres what I wanted to write about :

The guy to my right was pretty tight.  I entered a hand with him when he raised, I was on the button w J8s.  I called and flopped top pair.  I had about 42k in chips and he had about 7k.  The pot was about 4k.  Maybe it was silly of me but I dont regret calling when he bet.  I just called a normal bet, then the river was a king.  All I had was J8s, and he went all in last 3 or 4k, but I called just to see, and he had QQ.  Nice hand.

But he was tight, this was certain.  Now I want to explain the other benefits of playing aggressive.  There were three of us left that played for a long time.  The Tight guy, the Frustrated guy, and me.  I was in the middle.  One hand I had 33.  The flop was TK6.  I bet, the F guy calls, the tight guy…    …calls.

the turn was an 8, and I waited..  ..and checked.   The frustrated guy checks and the tight guy checks too.  The river is an Ace and I check, and the F guy bets mid sized, and the T guy calls and I fold.  The tight guy had the King the whole time.  The frustrated guy had the Ten, And the Ace on the river.   Now, what happened here is the tight guy was caught up between me, an aggressive unpredictable player, and a frustrated guy who could be chasing anything.  The guy with the best hand was scared to bet or raise anybody because my past play has shown him I will raise right back to him, and even call him down with bloody J8suited.  And He didnt want to be in a situation where he had to call his whole stack off with K9 or whatever.  It allowed me a good chance to hit a 3, and it allowed the F guy the chance to catch two-pair, the winning hand.    And this helped me because the tight guy lost a lot of chips and was shortly eliminated.  The F guy didnt have a very big stack and it wasnt hard to beat him.

When youre aggressive, youre not just creating a scenario where people make bad calls because they think you are bluffing, youre also creating a scenario where people with the best hand are afraid to act on it, and allow you or someone else to catch better hands on later streets because of their mistake to not bet or raise.  It takes the confidence out of other people, and that is a huge advantage.     It helps to have been dealt AA twice, KK once, and JJ once, but you dont always need those cards.

..Just a quick babble about the merits of aggressive poker.  Ill try and make my next entry more useful.




Had a mixed couple of days.  Things started to look up a bit, I played higher stakes and got first place the first game I played.  So to be SAFE I tried again, lower stakes.  Maybe the wrong decision?  Apparently, I couldnt win shit after that.   And the atmosphere was really odd in the games I played.   One chick called me a “fishfuck” lol, and then after 20 seconds, she said just joking, good play.   ?  So which is it? 

I was on big blind, she was to my left, and opened up with a raise to 300.  Everyone folded to me, I had 100 as my big blind and so I called 200.  I had 89suited.  The flop was J92, one diamond.  I was first to act so I bet.  Half the pot.  She min-raised, I called.  The turn was another 9, I bet again, half the pot.  She called.   The river wasnt anything special and I bet again nearly half the pot and she all-inned me.  I wasnt pot committed I dont think, but I called, and she had TT.    Oh yeah..

Nice hand but it doesnt beat my 3 nines..  So she calls me a fishfuck lol.  I think, “why?”  3xbb raise everyone folds to me.  Only 200 to call my stack is like 12000 lol.  and I have 89suited, one of my favorite hidden hands.   I hit a 9 so I bet first.  Min raise me??  ok, thats why I didnt bet HUGE, to prepare for this type of thing.  So I call.

Hit another 9, perfect 🙂  I BET AGAIN.  now both the 9’s and the Jack can beat her TT by now, and I am doing the betting.  Sorry, what is fishy about my play so far?  She calls and the river is a dud, so I bet again, my third bet into this pot, each one more than the last.  And she raises me all in with TT, loses, and calls me a fishfuck’ LOL.

It was more fishy to overplay her hand, its not that tough to laydown TT when someone bets to you on a board that has all kinds of cards that can beat you.  Instead she lost her whole stack.   She said just kidding, nice play after, but come on, she meant to call me a fish.  It slipped out in an angry moment, and she tried to take it back after.  I thought it was funny.

Then another game, I appeared very tight.   I won about 6 hands and no one saw my cards once.  One time I had JJ, and the flop was 3 low clubs, and I had the J of clubs.  Someone bet and I raised.  They folded, and this one guy sais in the chat box “I think he had the flush already.”  I wasnt sure if he was joking or not, and I was thinking about replying with “I had JJ”  but everybody folded to him on the big blind the very next hand, and he showed his hand which was JJ !  I was typing JJ at that very moment in the chat, but when I saw his cards, I decided not to respond with anything.

I eventually lost a lot of chips when I had AQ and the other guy had AK.  The JJ guy said nice hand to me a few times, and the very last hand I called a donks raise with 44, just me and him and he was a donk.  The flop was like 388, and he bet, and I was very low on chips so I went all in, and he had K5 lol, caught a king on the river of course and I was out.  The JJ guy said GG, NH to me.   Thanks.

Just a weird atmosphere.  Fishfuck followed by just joking.  Then ‘nice hand’ and ‘I bet you he had a flush’ from another guy who Ive never played before.  Its like he Identified me as solid before he ever saw my cards.  I thought he was joking too, but he kept saying NH, and GG when I left.   Just seemed so weird to me, hard to explain.

And this isnt much of a post, I know.  You guys have to understand that Im not so much trying to entertain people, or get advertising sponsors or anything like that.  Jeze I dont even use apostrophes or spell everything perfektly.   This is a place where I come to get things off my chest.  Talk about my bad beats.   Talk about my exciting plays.  Discuss strategy and share my experiences at the tables.  I enjoy the fact that I have followers and readers!  Im just not always writing to please.  Somedays I just open it and read stuff I wrote 8 or 14 months ago.  If I had ZERO followers I would still write in it, and address imaginary readers.   Its like my journal, my poker journal.  Its mostly for me.  But it will be for everybody in the future, which will coincide with my ‘past perspective by then.. You see, I intend on making great money with poker one day, and becoming pro.  And I dont think I will ever give up.  So when I get there, someone will ask me, how did you do it?  How did you succeed at poker? and I can just say, “well, I documented my efforts the entire way, in a blog, go see for yourself.”

I do appreciate the people who read and follow it, and comment, thats all exciting for me, and at the very least I hope my style of writing keeps you interested, and also I hope there are atleast 2 or 3 things you can learn from me about poker.   Just expect a few dull posts along the way 😉

Make sense?  MY BLOG 🙂 Blog blog blog.  I can do anything.  I can say anything.  Fuck.  Shit.  In fact I will name this post fishfuck.  I can do that.  If you play poker you should be 18.  If youre 18 you should not be offended by swears.  If youre offended by swears youre too sensitive.  If youre too sensitive, YOU SHOULDNT BE PLAYING POKER.  I can make it Orange or Green.  I can upload pictures of construction, or talk about Hockey, or make up stories about futuristic robots in a world full of crooked trees.    I cant promise that all my entries will be exciting, or even relevant to poker, and there will be posts like this where I complain and laugh for a bit, and then ramble on about some other shit.   So..  Just popping in, cause I felt like writing about this.  Thanks for reading  ::)

Carry on..





blowing winds, blowing leads, blowing chunks.

Its bloody cold outside.  -25 degrees celsius, and with the wind-chill it feels like -33.  But whats colder is my cards lately.  More like – 29 and feels like -52!   Its the same-type pattern that brings me back down.  Frustrating as hell.

You know?  Like a few days ago I am beating this woman who is trash talking me, and just about to take her out, when all of a sudden I go disconnected.  The blinds were big, so by the time I got back (after 3 or 4 more false reconnections) I had 3 or 4 big blinds left and I had to go all in with whatever I had and hope to stay connected long enough to win!  After having a huge lead!  but I disconnected again and logged off.  It was a brutal snowstorm coming in that brought this weather that screwed up the internet.  Blowing winds and heavy snow.

And that was the start of it.  since my last post I had been doing well, and my bankroll was up.  And then this swing of cold weather brought with it cold cards.   I had doubled up three hands into to a tourney a day or 2 later when I had AA and put a guy all in before the flop with A8s.  I dominated for a while, and I shouldve won but I didnt, I blew my lead and was eliminated before the money.   That happened again, even the same day! Id double up fairly early, and lose to a few suckout hands and then a few bad calls and before you know it Im out.

Ok, I wasnt playing my best.  I recognized that.  I was blowing leads in games I shouldve won.  So a day or two go by of trying again, and the list of hands I lost to is just incredible.   Chick raises to 600, I am next to act on the button I call with KQsuited.  Another guy calls, the flop comes KT8.  First guy bets 400, she raises to 1000, I raise to 3500.  Thats 1/3 of my stack of chips.    First guy folds, she calls, the turn is a 5 or something.  She checks, I go all in.  She calls with AT and the river is a ten.  Im out.

Horrible play on her part.  A bet before her, and a reraise after her, and she calls.  Then calls the all in with mid pair.  What a joke.  No flush draws, no straight draws, and I didnt show any bluffs at all I barely played 5 hands!

Another game theres a limper to me in late position, I have 9Tsuited.  I raise about 3.5xbb and get a couple of callers.  The flop comes 9Q8, and I have a good flush draw and mid pair.  someone bets and I raised them and they call, the turn is like the 3 of spades or something and I hit my flush, The guy goes all in and I snapcall and he turns over JKoff.  He has the king of spades and he was betting into a gutshot straight hoping for the ten.  The next card is a spade and he wins with a higher flush.  UNreal.    What compels people to make those decisions?  I cant remember all of my raises but trust me, I dont make it easy for people to call with nothing.

Then of course theres the other games where, lets see..  I raise preflop with QQ and get a caller out of position who subsequently goes all in when the flop is 368 and when I call they have 83offsuit.  And the heads up match where I am just about to take this guy out hes almost out of chips, and he goes all in with A3s and I call with A9s and he hits a couple of threes and wins.  He goes all in next hand and I call with Q9off and he has J5s and hits a jack on the river.  Now were even chips again.  A few hands later I pick up QK suited when he raises and I smooth call to a flop QKA I go all in he calls with AJ and the river is a ten LOL, he wins.

Game after game, after game, after game.  Alter my style.  Do my dishes.  Read a few chapters of a poker book.  Kiss my lucky charm.  TRY AGAIN.

Few hands in I have TT.  Early position.  I raise.  Couple of callers, then the big blind makes a big raise.  Fuck..

Now I have to raise it higher so everyone doesnt get good odds to call, or I just call and hopefully everyone else folds.  I call because Im a bit shot-down from the last few days and the confidence is fragile.  One other caller.  The flop comes low!!  854.   I BET.  Call, call..

Turn is a 3.  “Great”  I think.  “These people probably have A2”   I wait a bit and go all in.  Call, call !  WTF?

THE GUY HAD A2!  you fucking kidding me?  The other guy had 77, and the river brought him a six for the top straight.  This is how im losing.  A2 off reraise, 77 caller.  Calls the bet and hits his long shot.  The other guy calls with mid pair and hits HIS long shot too, and me with the best hand, loses to a couple of longshots.  Makes me hurl.  Makes me blow chunks!

Now I know what your thinking.  “But Darth, your last few post were about hitting 4 outters and making gutshot straights!?  You cant really complain about this can you?”   Well, hold the phone.  In case my methods were unclear allow me to reiterate.  The difference here is I am the bettor.   I make the risky play bet, they make the wrong decision call(reraise the best hand).  Whats happening here is the same thing.  Except now I have the best hand instead of the worst.  And I am making the good bets and they are making the risky bad calls.  “Hoping to hit”

Let me break it down even more.

If I have 23 and the flop is 459, I have an open ended straight draw. any Ace and any 6 will give me a straight.  There are 4 aces and 4 sixes, for a total of 8 outs.  I am about 17% to hit one of them, and about 31% to catch at least one of those cards by the river.   If I bet here, I have ONE chance to win the hand from people folding.  AND I have a SECOND chance to win the hand by catching one of my cards, which is reasonably likely.   And by betting, I am giving him certain odds to decide from.  If the pot is 500, and I bet 400, the pot becomes 900.  Now he has to call a bet of 400 to potentially win a pot of 900.  Its not very good pot odds to call this with Ace high or another draw.   Think of it as a lottery ticket.   You can buy a ticket for 1 dollar, to potentially win 1,000,000 dollars.  Thats pretty good return on your investment if you win.   But lets say the offer was buy a ticket for 75 dollars, to win 100 dollars.   Hmmm, spend 75 dollars and risk losing it, to win only 25 dollars profit?   Does that seem worth it?  NOO.  Does a bear shit in the woods?  YESS :

rogersz 075

I took this picture 🙂

Well poker is no different.  Yes, there are people who just like the “gamble”  but there are games for that.  The beauty about poker is that its not just a gamble.  Odds always change and the hidden beauty is that YOU can control them for other people.   And we can make educated decisions that stand up well against any gamble.

Yes once in a while the gamble will win, but those are the results that educated decision makers rely on:  “Once in a while”   We have a pretty good gig here, the arrangement is, ok sure, you can have “once in a while”  and well take “most of the time.”   You take one slice, Ill have 4 slices.  You can take this one, and now Ill take this one and this one, and this one.

Now back to the hand, the difference is that I am the decision maker in both the longshot bluff, and the best hand pocket pair.  I have assumed control and people will make their decisions based on my bets.  If your chasing one card, its probably a bad decision to call my bet no matter how good the pot odds are.  And they have to make that decision.    If they were to bet to me instead, then Id have to make that decision, which would be a bad one.  Put the tough decisions on them!

Well this last week, thats what my post is about – people making bad decisions that pay off, and they happen to be in a hand with me.  I dont mind losing to QQ when I have TT.  I dont mind losing to QJ when I have 89.  I dont mind losing to 88 when Ive flopped 34567.   Theres thousands of hands I havent complained about on here because theyre legit.   Nobody wants to write about how they got outplayed.  Nice hand.  good game.  Move on.    The ones that get me are the bad decisions.  The hands people have no business playing.  I will make a silly raise with 74hearts out of position, any day, and fire a bet after the flop to a 663 board.   But if I get raised big, then the decision making is on me.  Obviously its a bad decision to continue putting more into the pot, the best hand you can get here is a 34567 straight which is A) very unlikely about 9% chance.  And B) Not guaranteed to be the best hand if you did hit it, with 2 six’s on the flop already and some reraises.   So I would fold most times.  The proper fold.

And Ive written about it before, but it always helps to complain about it.  The improper calls are winning.  The dark clouds are rolling in, right on schedule.  Suddenly the people who make bad decisions are thriving.  And my rewards from my hard efforts two weeks ago are diminished.  But its off of my chest!  : )

theyll take this one, then Ill take that one, and that one, and that one, and that one!   Back in a bit..

Taking your time

Sometimes I play too fast.
I talk a lot about awareness. “Who is playing tight, who is calling all the small blinds, who likes to limp in cheap, who plays out of position, who plays shitty cards.” Be aware of that stuff. Be aware of your style of play, and how people view you, be aware of your position, and be aware of how much you have been bluffing, raising, or folding.

Many times I see KK in my hand and at that point I lose sight of most else. Doesnt matter who has how many chips, Ill take this one right to the end if thats what it takes! Doesnt matter my position, not gonna let these fuckers see a flop for cheap! Doesnt matter if Ive been loose or tight, aggressive or conservative, I have KK!
These are mistakes I make.

Im liking the idea of taking more time.

I had a game 2 days ago, late at night. I started out loose and I would raise the two limpers who just limped in. Id have JToff in pos. Just a typical raise to try and narrow the field. I did it a few times and got away with it, with some follow up bets that scored me the pots. And then I did the exact same thing when I had AKs, and someone who I identified as a chump, re-raised me! So I raised again and he called and the flop had an ace. He went all in, and loosely, I called.
AK vs AJoff. I won.

So after that, I have to consider what the people think about me. “He raised after two limpers in position, bet the flop and won the hands. He did it again, then he did it again.  And we didnt get to see his cards.  and he just did it again right now, same raise every time. This time he had AKsuited and didnt hesitate to reraise or call an all in.”
Thats a pretty mixed scenario to paint. With the appearance of loose aggressive by raising with lots of hands, but the revelation in the showdown was that I was tight aggressive, and had the cards to prove it.

So, at best I think they have to give me credit for being solid. And how I continue from this point on, will just give them more information. If I fold the next few hands, they will start to think “Ok, hes folding. He must have just had a run of good cards. He must be a tight player.”

But if I enter the very next hand with a raise, then thats a good indication of “He must be a loose player, and picked up AKs conveniently at the right lucky moment. I call bullshit” and then people will start looking me up with hands like QT and A8.

So anyways, it was getting late and everything was dark. I didnt have a lot of distractions. (I play my best with all the lights out and in silence) It was quite intense, and since I was still coming off a couple of bad days, it was a nice feeling to have the tables ‘attention, and hold a nice fat chip lead. I ended up folding the next few hands, and even let the button go right past me without entering a hand. So they must have thought I was pretty tight indeed.

But thats to my advantage. Along the way I pick up 24hearts and raise it after a limper again. Steal the button, and when the flop comes K28, I bet and take it down.

And as the end began to draw near, I had 22 on the big blind. Still had tonnes of chips. The tight chick calls, the button min raises, the small blind calls. My turn : )

I think for about 5 seconds. Natural instinct I just want to click the check button. But wait…

Natural instinct isn’t necessarily the best decision here. Maybe it is, and maybe more often than not, it is. But it deserves a second to think about.

I am pretty sure these people believe me when I put lots of chips in the pot. I have shown a lot of truthful plays this far. I might be able to make something of this! So I click the request more time button.

Its funny because you dont see many people do this unless they are facing a decision to call a bet, or fold. I think its a good weapon mid-hand when your about to make a re raise, and it shows that you are putting some serious thought into what you are doing.

So, I still have most of my normal clock ticking down, but ive pushed ‘request more time, so when the clock runs out it will automatically give me an extra 30 seconds. But I dont even run my normal clock down, I make a big raise about twice the size of the pot. I cant remember the blinds exactly, I think they were 300/600, but I just made it a real decent pot.

What was I doing? Not sure. Half of me thought I could fold them out and steal this, and the other half of me thought, I bet you I am the only one with a pocket pair here and everyone else has questionable hands. except maybe the tight chick. She probably has something here. But she only called when she entered the pot. And she was first to act.

So after the time-requesting delay, I really took the momentum out of their quick decision making. The tight girl didnt know what to do, and after about 10 seconds she called. The button raiser folded in one second. And the small blind could see that if he just called, he would be pretty close to pot committed, and therefor his decision was to go all in or fold, and after a few seconds he folded.

Well, thank the goddess of luck for this one, because the flop came A28. (Saved!) I was first to act. the tight lady had to have a strong ace. But why didn’t she reraise it or raise in the first place?
Maybe it was a trap that she backed out of because there was a raise and a reraise after her? She was fairly tight.

So i bet and she raised me, just what I wanted. Spend another few seconds thinking about what she thinks I may have. If she has AK, she may think I have AQs. She may think I have KK and might be throwing out a feeler bet to see how dangerous the waters are. My bet was a little less than half the pot.

She is tight, she may have AK. She may have even JJ or 88, But theres no way Im getting off this hand. I have her covered in chips by far. So I think, and let her think.

I made it look like I was holding AQ and after some thought I seemed to have made myself believe my hand was best here, and I reraised her all in. She snapcalled with AK and I took home a shwack of chips.

She did in fact have AKoff the whole time, and I’m gonna believe that she called with the intentions on reraising, expecting someone to raise. But a raise and a reraise makes AK look far less good.

And now, these last two opponents, I can only imagine what they are thinking. Wow, what a lucky bastard to hit that 2. Got some balls to do that with 22 in the first place, when EVERYONE has chips invested already.

Take your time. Even if its fake, even if you want to make it look like you are making a strong lay-down. Dont abuse it because people will catch on, and there’s not a lot worse than a player who takes 40 seconds to make every single decision he or she makes. But maybe 2 or 3 times in a game use the request time button at certain moments.

I did it again, because I knew it would draw suspicion. The same tourney was almost over, I had most of the last two players chips. I was in a cheap hand with 97suited and the flop was 978. I checked first and there was a bet and a call. I push the time button.

Let them think a bit. After a few seconds I bet huge, like more than the pot, more than their two stacks. First guy must have clicked call anything cause his chips went in automatically. The next guy, I guess he didnt want to get third place so he folded and it was me vs T8. My hand held up and it wasnt two hands later I won the game.

Its easy to write about, I dont do it enough, thats the problem. Note to self : Use the time button more. Think hard about what each involved player may think you have. Think about the cards youve shown in previous showdowns, and how you acted from flop to river.

And when you get away with it, get in on some positional pots with marginal hands and keep everyone guessing. Find the balance.


Ok its hours and hours later.. I have new things to talk about. I woke up early this morning its my day off and I woke up at 6am. I dont even get up that early when I have to work LOL. But I had some coffee and played a few games and got some shit done around my house.

Now first of all, I usually play aggressive. Just to clear that up. Now, to say that I play loose aggressive is probably incorrect. To me, a loose aggressive player will play a way wider range than me. A loose aggressive player will raise with K8 and A7 and J9 and QT all off suit from late or early position. A super aggressive player will raise any two cards from any position. Me, I play my hands aggressively, from good position, and my range of hands is pretty flexible, though it is always within a met criteria. You know, 90% suited, always within the ability to make a straight. Sometimes It will be JJ sometimes it will be 95suited. it can be T6s, in can be 75s or 77.
it wont be T2 suited. It wont be QToff very much. It wont be 45off, or A6off or K4 suited.

Of course things change a bit if it is heads up, or late in a tourney with three people left. But for the most part, thats my aggressive game. And its really working for me. When I get cards like 87off, A5off, Ktoff, J4s, I fold. and a lot of time can go by without picking up the cards in my repertoire. When lots of time goes by, I appear pretty tight because of all the folds. Then Ill pick 64suited on the button and make a small reraise if I have to, or bet the flop like I have a set. Theres not really such a thing to me as tightening up my game a whole lot. If I were to tighten up, I wouldnt drop many of my starting hand requirements, I would just play them less aggressively, and maybe not play certain hands early-mid position and only play them in late pos. Maybe not enter so many pots with certain hands after other people raise or even call.

And its working. I wanna talk about 3 hands. You busy? The first hand was with a loose girl and a tight guy, last three at the table. Each equal stacks of about 20k. Im on big blind and Ive been aggressive most of the game. The woman calls, like every other hand, and the tight guy in small blind calls, which isnt very common. Now.. I have a read on the woman. Yes, online, she revealed a tell.

All of my bets throughout the entire tourney were unpredictable. Like I said, sometimes I have JJ, and sometimes I have 89s. But she liked to call Lots! When I bet previously, she would have already clicked auto-fold if she didnt hit the flop. It was super instant. Now if she has something, which could be a draw, theres actually a whole second or two that pass before she makes the call. Thats how I knew if she had something or not.

So they both limp to me, the tight dude and the loose chick. I have 74spades on the BB. I raised.

As every other time, the loose girl calls. As every other time, the tight guy takes about 10 seconds..
But he chooses to call.

I cant remember the raise exactly or the pot size, but Its safe to say it was a number between 3 and 4.5 times the blinds. The flop comes 729. One spade.

Now small blind, being tight as he is, I dont think he has much here. He had KK once earlier and he raised it quite large. I put him on KQ or AJ AQ AK, maybe QJs. He must know I know this! He checks.

I bet like I always do. Now the woman, she doesnt auto fold. Ok, she has something. She doesnt snap-call which means its probably not a draw. She must have the 9, and her 5 second delay was pondering a reraise. She just calls.

The tight guy folds. Shocking.

The turn comes and its a 4. Now I have 7744. The flop is 7294. She has something. And my reputation is to bet. Her reputation is to call. So I bet, and I bet big, believe me. Probably 5/8ths the pot. She goes all in and I call.

I thought she mighta had K9 but she had ace 9, and lucky for me because the river was a king. She must have had a few more chips than me because she was still here after all that. Im not sure why she didnt reraise me when I bet the flop. Maybe because like I said, sometimes I have JJ. But that notion didnt seem to stop her on the turn, and if she raised me on the flop I would have most likely folded.

As long as it’s the other people making the mistakes and not me, I’m a happy camper.

The tight guy eventually beat me but it was hard-fought.

Now the other hands both relate to my post from the other day called Follow up. We talked about having a feeling and going with your gut. Well, this actually happened to me twice today, for HUGE pots. I thought it was kind of weird because I dont generally get many feelings. Before today, I think I remember having a feeling about a specific card like, 8 months ago. And what a coincidence that it came up like a week ago!

I just won a good hand, I had JQs someone raised my big blind I called. The flop was J99 and I called his mid bets right to the river and took the hand. 2 hands later I was on the button. I look down at 23clubs. Two people have limped already, so I just call. We see a flop.

A4Q. One club. The guy on big blind bets. But you remember what I told you about the people on big blind, I named a post after it! Theres like 5 people in the hand who limped in, and he checked it and then he comes out firing at an AQ flop? I dont buy it..

One guy folds, The next guy calls. The bet wasnt much, it was more of a probe bet, but it was not minimum sized, and the pot was building nicely. I took my time.

A4Q. I have 23clubs. I need a five or runner runner clubs. I all of a sudden started to think about the last couple of hands for some reason. What was the flops texture 2 hands ago? I had JQ and the board was J99. Thats all I remember. The next hand I folded. What was it… When I thought about it, I remembered the flop was Q9 something. The river may have been another queen. The girl next to me won with Ace-ten high.

Is this reasonable to figure into my calculations? Probably not but I was doing it. There hasent been any low cards on the flop in atleast 2 or 3 hands. Its been full of jacks and queens and 9s. There hasent been an ace in a while until now. And I thought, quickly but intensely.. I bet you.. ..there will be a 5 coming.

Something told me! And being on the button helped, and the big blinds curious bet helped, and the flat call beside me helped, and the big pot and great pot odds helped. But in the end it was the answer to one question that made me do what I did.

: Why did I enter a pot with 23suited before the flop?

Was I expecting to bluff them out? No
Did I want a 3-high flush, or flush draw? It wouldnt be the worst thing in the world, but it wasnt at the top of my list. A backdoor flush would make me happier than flopping one here.
Did I want a pair of 2’s? No, trips would be awful nice tho!
Did I want a pair of threes? Same answer.
How about 2 pair? Yeah, two pair is a likely candidate for a winning hand.
Did I want a straight? Yes! bingo. 23 connecting a lower straight is about the last thing anyone would expect, anytime. I played my hand to get two pair, trips, or a straight. Thats why I played this hand, this time, from this position, against these people. And now I have A234, with a backdoor flush possibility, a low curious bet from the big blind, and a suspicious call from the guy to my right. and its to me, on the button

I raise.

You know, Im not crazy. I didnt splash the pot with half my stack. I wasnt trying to get them to fold. I didnt go all in, just a harmless raise, about 1.5 – 2x what the original bet was. If I missed it, I was gone. If I was rerasied, I was gone. I wasn’t committed. It was still early. Just taking a bit of a shot at the pot, thats all. The woman folded, the original bettor called a bit quick, and the guy beside me waited a few seconds and called.

And there it was. One of the most dazzling and beautiful 5 cards I have ever seen. Dressed all nicely in diamonds, perched up on her little half-circle bottom, with her square head standing tall and proud, looking at me slightly out of her periphery with the most subtle grin. I had my straight, and it wasnt even a club, so I officially dont have to worry about any flushes at all (including my own!) The board was 4 colors now. There was the possibility that someone had 36 for the better straight draw. You kidding me?! No WAY someone has 36 here!

A4Q5. I have 23.

Its the original bettors turn and he likes his spot so far. He bets BIG. I cant remember, but it was around 2800 into a 3200 pot. But that doesnt matter because the guy next to me goes all in. So, out of the things I have to consider, the only thing I have to worry about is the chance someone has 36, and the possibility someone having trips or 2 pair, and I could possibly lose to a full house. Everything weighs out nicely, and I make the call after a couple of seconds. The first guy must have been frustrated because he called too. He wouldve had 6 or 7 k left if he folded, but now we were all all in, and the pot was close to 25 or 30k. And he turns over KT. He needs a J for a broadway straight. The guy beside me has A5, two pair. It just got a little nervous for me as there are 8 cards that can send me packing, including 4 jacks and any ace or 5.

But this story has a happy ending ! I took it down and had a massive chip lead and I eventually won the tournament fairly easily. The guy with KT said nice hand. I said thanks.

So it is possible. I took a lot of things into consideration including, as far fetched as it sounds, what the last two or 3 flops looked like. It somehow makes sense to me that if you have just watched 5 flops and none of them had an ace on them, the odds of an ace showing up in the next flop grow greater. And the odds of the cards that have been up already grow slimmer to fall again. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but even a slight increase is more than a decrease.

If the last 2 flops had 5s on them, and I needed a five on This flop, it might look tempting, and I may even play the hand the same exact way, but I honestly believe that since the last two flops had 5’s on them, that the chances of having a five on this flop too, are significantly reduced. Does it make any sense? Maybe I am crazy..

But that was excellent, what a great feeling. My next story is the very first hand in another game I played shortly after. 6 players. We get cards. I see 33. I am first to act. Blinds are 50/100. I raise to 250.

fold. fold. dealer calls. small blind folds. Big blind calls. The flop comes JQ4 The pot is 800. The big blind bets 400. My turn.

And I take my time.
Theres no flushes. The dealer may have an ace something. The big blind is more likely to have anything from this flop. Thats the first thought that comes to mind. I couldnt possibly know anything yet, that is just the first natural thought that comes to mind. Its the average suspicion, right?

But I look at the flop. I get a bit of a feeling. Theres something about it. J. Q. 4

Then it hits me.. Theres going to be a three on this board! Im gonna hit a set.

Whether by now you think I am crazy or not 😛 looking at the flop heres what I saw: 2 high cards, 1 low card.

What is the Average 5 card board? Could you say it was two high cards, two low cards, and a medium card?

A low board would have 5 low cards. 42A46
a middle board would have 5 middle cards. TJ766
a high board would be QA9TK

a mixed board would be 5K7Q4
an average board would be JK428

I know it sounds quite ridiculous but I had a feeling this would be an average flop, with there being two high cards now, and one low card, I sensed there being one more low card coming, and a medium card.

“It felt like this flop owed us one more low card to average things out a bit.”

And it was my turn, clock ticking, the pot is 1200, 400 to call, with the dealer waiting to act after me. Ok, decision made, its raise.
Fold out the dealers ace, or find out if he has something, and tell the big blind “hey! I raised this hand! You aint gonna out-draw me with this hand!” So I raise, to 1000. The dealer folds. Perfect, now I am in position. The big blind waits a bit and calls. The flop so far is JQ4. The turn comes, its a jack.

Now this is both good and bad. Its bad because it wasnt a three. And chances are I am going to lose this hand because he must have something. Even if its T9 for the draw or AK or KT, he has a lot of outs and I only have 2. Plus a 4 would counterfeit my hand and so would another Q. And not to mention, my silly analysis of the the flop being an average flop just became a mixed flop, with three high cards and only one low card.
But there is good news.

I raised before the flop, and then I reraised his bet after the flop, and now I have position. I can see what he is going to do without putting any more money in. Also, the second jack was actually quite pretty. His min bet on the flop made it a likely scenario that he was holding a jack, and my raise indicated I had atleast a Q. Now with those thoughts in mind, it would be favorable for him to check to me, having tripped his jacks and see if I keep up my aggressive betting patterns and give him an opportunity to raise me.

And thats how the story goes folks.

He checks, I wait for 6 or 7 seconds and check. And sweet as pie the river drops a 3.

This is the very first hand in the tourney.

Now he thinks his JK is better than my KQ and he is first to act. The pot was 2800. He bets 2400. Well I guess he didn’t have the Q!
I raise it to 5800 and he goes all in. I call and see his cards: J9off. I double up first hand in.

I dont know, this really happened, no bullshit! I have been taking my time today and thinking about other factors that are pretty much unheard of LOL. But it worked. I won that tournament too. Am I a donk? ..Jesus.. no.. I could be.. I dont know.. My stories are about raising with 74 on the big blind and reraising on a gutshot with 3high lol! Darth Donk. shit thats a good one. I just may change my name! No one steal it! Consider it copyrighted!

Well im not calling bets with T3off out of position or raising with J6off on the button. So I have limits!! Im like a border donk. My aggressive game stretches far enough to the edge where I can get a slight view at the imagination and habitat of a true authentic donk in its natural state.

Make a few questionable plays sometimes, guilty! But to me, being in control of the hand (by betting and raising in position) allows me to get away with what I’m doing, and get out of pots before it’s too late and get into those juicy pots with the most unexpected winning hands.

And as for the odd things I took into consideration from previous flops and such, this is not something I employ on a daily basis. They popped into my head out of nowhere, at the right time. I’ll do some more playing around..

And do not get me wrong. Ten times after those hands I was faced with decisions to bet or call gutshots, and folded, even in position. Hey, I had a hunch!

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