Had a mixed couple of days.  Things started to look up a bit, I played higher stakes and got first place the first game I played.  So to be SAFE I tried again, lower stakes.  Maybe the wrong decision?  Apparently, I couldnt win shit after that.   And the atmosphere was really odd in the games I played.   One chick called me a “fishfuck” lol, and then after 20 seconds, she said just joking, good play.   ?  So which is it? 

I was on big blind, she was to my left, and opened up with a raise to 300.  Everyone folded to me, I had 100 as my big blind and so I called 200.  I had 89suited.  The flop was J92, one diamond.  I was first to act so I bet.  Half the pot.  She min-raised, I called.  The turn was another 9, I bet again, half the pot.  She called.   The river wasnt anything special and I bet again nearly half the pot and she all-inned me.  I wasnt pot committed I dont think, but I called, and she had TT.    Oh yeah..

Nice hand but it doesnt beat my 3 nines..  So she calls me a fishfuck lol.  I think, “why?”  3xbb raise everyone folds to me.  Only 200 to call my stack is like 12000 lol.  and I have 89suited, one of my favorite hidden hands.   I hit a 9 so I bet first.  Min raise me??  ok, thats why I didnt bet HUGE, to prepare for this type of thing.  So I call.

Hit another 9, perfect 🙂  I BET AGAIN.  now both the 9’s and the Jack can beat her TT by now, and I am doing the betting.  Sorry, what is fishy about my play so far?  She calls and the river is a dud, so I bet again, my third bet into this pot, each one more than the last.  And she raises me all in with TT, loses, and calls me a fishfuck’ LOL.

It was more fishy to overplay her hand, its not that tough to laydown TT when someone bets to you on a board that has all kinds of cards that can beat you.  Instead she lost her whole stack.   She said just kidding, nice play after, but come on, she meant to call me a fish.  It slipped out in an angry moment, and she tried to take it back after.  I thought it was funny.

Then another game, I appeared very tight.   I won about 6 hands and no one saw my cards once.  One time I had JJ, and the flop was 3 low clubs, and I had the J of clubs.  Someone bet and I raised.  They folded, and this one guy sais in the chat box “I think he had the flush already.”  I wasnt sure if he was joking or not, and I was thinking about replying with “I had JJ”  but everybody folded to him on the big blind the very next hand, and he showed his hand which was JJ !  I was typing JJ at that very moment in the chat, but when I saw his cards, I decided not to respond with anything.

I eventually lost a lot of chips when I had AQ and the other guy had AK.  The JJ guy said nice hand to me a few times, and the very last hand I called a donks raise with 44, just me and him and he was a donk.  The flop was like 388, and he bet, and I was very low on chips so I went all in, and he had K5 lol, caught a king on the river of course and I was out.  The JJ guy said GG, NH to me.   Thanks.

Just a weird atmosphere.  Fishfuck followed by just joking.  Then ‘nice hand’ and ‘I bet you he had a flush’ from another guy who Ive never played before.  Its like he Identified me as solid before he ever saw my cards.  I thought he was joking too, but he kept saying NH, and GG when I left.   Just seemed so weird to me, hard to explain.

And this isnt much of a post, I know.  You guys have to understand that Im not so much trying to entertain people, or get advertising sponsors or anything like that.  Jeze I dont even use apostrophes or spell everything perfektly.   This is a place where I come to get things off my chest.  Talk about my bad beats.   Talk about my exciting plays.  Discuss strategy and share my experiences at the tables.  I enjoy the fact that I have followers and readers!  Im just not always writing to please.  Somedays I just open it and read stuff I wrote 8 or 14 months ago.  If I had ZERO followers I would still write in it, and address imaginary readers.   Its like my journal, my poker journal.  Its mostly for me.  But it will be for everybody in the future, which will coincide with my ‘past perspective by then.. You see, I intend on making great money with poker one day, and becoming pro.  And I dont think I will ever give up.  So when I get there, someone will ask me, how did you do it?  How did you succeed at poker? and I can just say, “well, I documented my efforts the entire way, in a blog, go see for yourself.”

I do appreciate the people who read and follow it, and comment, thats all exciting for me, and at the very least I hope my style of writing keeps you interested, and also I hope there are atleast 2 or 3 things you can learn from me about poker.   Just expect a few dull posts along the way 😉

Make sense?  MY BLOG 🙂 Blog blog blog.  I can do anything.  I can say anything.  Fuck.  Shit.  In fact I will name this post fishfuck.  I can do that.  If you play poker you should be 18.  If youre 18 you should not be offended by swears.  If youre offended by swears youre too sensitive.  If youre too sensitive, YOU SHOULDNT BE PLAYING POKER.  I can make it Orange or Green.  I can upload pictures of construction, or talk about Hockey, or make up stories about futuristic robots in a world full of crooked trees.    I cant promise that all my entries will be exciting, or even relevant to poker, and there will be posts like this where I complain and laugh for a bit, and then ramble on about some other shit.   So..  Just popping in, cause I felt like writing about this.  Thanks for reading  ::)

Carry on..