Ok I have another one.

man when I play poker, things happen and I just sit here and think ‘nice, I cant wait to write about that!

even if its a bead beat, or some table talk, or a crazy play.  Just now Im playing these 2 people, I was Very aggressive the whole game.  Some times the cards force you to be.   A couple hands in, I am second to act and I have A5suited.  First guy folds.  I make my typical raise of 2.5xbb.  I got a couple callers and when I bet on two hearts on the flop, they all folded.  Next hand I get KQ suited first to act.  I raise to 300.  Guy to my left calls, one other caller, the flop comes J98.  I bet and he calls and the other guy folds.  Next card is a K and I bet again, a bit small.  He raises me.  It doesnt look like he has much here that can win, if he had a ten, he has the same draw he had on the flop.  If he had a Q, he is still chasing.  If he had a K, then I probably have him beat.   I call his raise.

The river is a blank, 3 or 4, or 5.  I check this time.  The pot is like near 3000.  He bets 2000 and I flat call, he shows KT and I win.  The other players have a minute to absorb what they just saw while I fold the BB to someones small raise.

Everyone folds to me on the small blind and I raise 2.5  The big blind calls and the flop is AT5 and I bet.  Oh yeah, I have 68off.  He calls.  I check the next two cards and so does he and he wins with a ten.  So now they know I dont need a “hand” to bet with.  Next hand I have KK on the button LOL.  Swear to God.  I raise 2.5 and someone raises me to 1100.  Everyone folds and I reraise to 4500 after a few seconds.  He goes all in of course and I call.  He has QQ and I win.    Someone raises me later on when I have JJ.  I call.  The flop is 933.  I bet.  He calls.  Turn is another 9.  I bet, he calls.  River is a 7, I bet, he calls, he mucks  lol.

Then I had AA.  I couldnt make this shit up.  Was a clear heater.   I raise 2.5xbb, and by now they are getting frustrated.  The guy calls and the flop comes Q38 – all clubs.  I dont have any clubs, but I bet.  He waits a long while and goes all in.  I push the time button, figure my figures and call, he had no clubs either, just the 3, and a 4 lol.  I win.

Theres 4 or 5 other hands I can write about, I was winning them all.  But heres what I wanted to write about :

The guy to my right was pretty tight.  I entered a hand with him when he raised, I was on the button w J8s.  I called and flopped top pair.  I had about 42k in chips and he had about 7k.  The pot was about 4k.  Maybe it was silly of me but I dont regret calling when he bet.  I just called a normal bet, then the river was a king.  All I had was J8s, and he went all in last 3 or 4k, but I called just to see, and he had QQ.  Nice hand.

But he was tight, this was certain.  Now I want to explain the other benefits of playing aggressive.  There were three of us left that played for a long time.  The Tight guy, the Frustrated guy, and me.  I was in the middle.  One hand I had 33.  The flop was TK6.  I bet, the F guy calls, the tight guy…    …calls.

the turn was an 8, and I waited..  ..and checked.   The frustrated guy checks and the tight guy checks too.  The river is an Ace and I check, and the F guy bets mid sized, and the T guy calls and I fold.  The tight guy had the King the whole time.  The frustrated guy had the Ten, And the Ace on the river.   Now, what happened here is the tight guy was caught up between me, an aggressive unpredictable player, and a frustrated guy who could be chasing anything.  The guy with the best hand was scared to bet or raise anybody because my past play has shown him I will raise right back to him, and even call him down with bloody J8suited.  And He didnt want to be in a situation where he had to call his whole stack off with K9 or whatever.  It allowed me a good chance to hit a 3, and it allowed the F guy the chance to catch two-pair, the winning hand.    And this helped me because the tight guy lost a lot of chips and was shortly eliminated.  The F guy didnt have a very big stack and it wasnt hard to beat him.

When youre aggressive, youre not just creating a scenario where people make bad calls because they think you are bluffing, youre also creating a scenario where people with the best hand are afraid to act on it, and allow you or someone else to catch better hands on later streets because of their mistake to not bet or raise.  It takes the confidence out of other people, and that is a huge advantage.     It helps to have been dealt AA twice, KK once, and JJ once, but you dont always need those cards.

..Just a quick babble about the merits of aggressive poker.  Ill try and make my next entry more useful.