You see, most people have an advantage on me before I even get dealt my hand. Im gonna suggest that when I am in a hand with someone for all the marbles, I am playing against a team consisting of my opponent and god. Yes, god. Ya, Im partially joking, but really, it must be true. I am not religious. I dont even believe in jesus or all that mumbo jumbo, but Im not talking about jesus I am talking about the almighty god. You know, Morgan Freeman, Alannis Morrisette? god. Whatever entity it is that resides in your subconscious, independent of religion, affording you the ability to separate right from wrong. god.

And he must be mad at me. Im no angel, but Ive never killed anybody or raped anybody or robbed a little old lady. There are worse people than me, but god seems to have a beef still, and hes been sitting in on my poker games and helping my opponents. I feel I should report this to the internet,  its about all I can do.

Im convinced it is the mighty god himself using his control to make me lose. There is no other explanation. The laws of poker state that the better hands will hold up against the lesser hands more often over time!! Does it not? Does it not state that AA will beat KK more often? Does it not state that AK will beat AJ more often? TT vs 33? KQ vs Qbloody3? Come on. Its way past variance. My better hands are losing to worse hands twice as much as I am winning with them, and this period could go back 3 or 4 months now. I do everything right. (mostly) I dont let people chase their hands for cheap. I dont bluff poorly or too frequently. I dont make horrible calls. I get the hand, build the pot, secure the deal and get my chips in there, and theres always somebody with a worse hand catching the fucking miracle card and I just think how the fuck am I supposed to beat these people when Im playing him and god at the same time handing out miracle cards??    Like enough is enough,  Ive been going at this for a couple years now after reading pages and pages of books for hours and hours and just keep doing everything I should and yet im still scratching up the walls of a hole. I get dozens of compliments a week, just two days ago this guy told me I was the only player hes played that knew anything about the game at this level. This level being between $3 and $12.00 sit n go.


I dont play much MTT as Ive said before, but I played two today. One I came in 14th out of 60 or something. no money, but for most of the tourney I was 2nd in chip leader. I cant remember how I lost I think I got blinded out. But I played another one and again I was second in chips after almost an hour. I had about 21000 chips and this guy limped in he had about 3000 chips and the blinds were 300 600 I think. I was next, I raised it to 1500 with 88, next girl called but that was nothing out of norm. My interest was the other donk girl who just lost most of her chips on a bad play she had 3500 left and she went all in as expected. Limper folds, I call, girl calls, flop come 853. Perfect I have 88. I bet big like 5000 and the pot wouldve been almost 10. She calls. Next card is a 10 and its the second spade. No more pissing around, time to win this pot I go all in, she calls, shows JJ. Nice I got her 🙂 Oh wait the river, JACK. second place chip leader – to out. over. done. Fine she had a better hand Ill give her that, it went the way it should have, she had an over pair, BUT if my bets indicated anything, it was a pair higher than JJ or trips, which would have both beat her. But she was loose and thought she had me and bet her whole stack, and youre telling me that wasnt the almighty saying “nice try buddy, you aint gonna win this yet, im not done fucking with you yet” as he passes her a jack on the river? You know, I probably get outplayed once every 35 showdowns. One out of 35 times does the opponent have a better hand than me that surprised me and the rest are river catches, or poor horrible calls, like when I raise 8xbb with AA and I get the T8off donk caller who goes all in when the flop is T83 and I call. Thats how I lose. I lose with 99 to 88 all in when they hit an 8 on the turn. I lose AQs to Q3donk trying to be a hero and I put him all in and one measly 3 on the flop takes me out? I lose 89s when the flop is 674 with flush draw and open straight draw I bet big with many outs and some hero with A4 sees me down and I catch nothing at all and he wins with a 4 when I fire a third bullet.

It sounds like Ive been doing horrible, I havent, really. Ive been playing poker a lot this summer and I had a bit of a break in the spring and late winter. and Ive done ok, won lots, I am ahead, but I should be way farther up. Im winning 55% and losing 45% and it makes me so angry because none of the losses are legit I should have won every game that I lost, its all horrible calls its all suckout rivers and bad luck plays, like when I have TT and the flop is JJQ and I bet, and buddy calls and the turn is 4 and I bet, and buddy calls and river is Q and now I have nothing QQJJ ten high LOL he wins with ace high. Over and over and over.

I took a shot again.
Remember my taking a shot post? When I got drunk and lost heads up 50 dollar hundred dollar games? woke up with zilch? Well I took a shot again not very drunk but sharper and on my game and I had some convos with the players,  they were alright,  but I was the better poker player.  I wasnt ridiculous, a couple 50 dollar games and a couple 20’s which is higher than I should play, for sure, but I out played him, and when it came time to collect I was chips-in with 99 and he had 88 and he caught an 8 at the end. Why wont the force just let me have whats mine for once! Played again and lost I dont remember the hand but it was a bad beat and I shouldve won, and thats the point of taking a shot because when I win id have a tonne more money than I do and I can safely play higher stakes SNG where I think I would dominate, but bad luck is keeping me from being able to afford it. I am winning, and I should be.  But not enough. If I didnt have the BAD BEAT losses half as much Id probably be winning 75% of my games. And thats consistent profit! the reason I play!

Ive collected a list of hands Ive lost over the last few days. These are hands that were against one opponent for all the marbles at the end of a heads up tourney or for 1st place at a sng tourney.
88 vs QKoff. All in preflop, he sucks a queen on the river.
AQ vs A6. Ace on flop, he goes all in, catches a 6 later on.
AJ vs AK. I had AJ, my bad, AK held up.
99 vs 88. All in preflop, he hits an 8
QKs vs QJ. All in before the flop, they catch a jack.
TT vs 96s. All in final table, calls with 96, flop comes 45678 they have a straight.
K9s vs K6s. I had 4 hearts in this hand and top pair, no hearts came but a 6 did and she had 2 pair now.

Thats my list of losses in about 3 days. Look at that list. AJ was my only mistake. And what happens when I make a mistake? I lose. All of those other hands were my opponents mistakes. What happens when my opponents make mistakes? I lose. I lose to miracle catches like K9 vs K6. ONLY a 6 could win it for her. And she got it. 3 outs of 52 cards. actually 2 outs because the six of hearts wouldve given me the flush.  TWO OUTS.  I even had a flush draw. I didnt even need to catch anything, I was going to win with the kicker. But a flush draw to boot? And she caught the 6? UNREAL. Same with QK vs QJ. only a jack could win it, and they caught it. AQ vs A6? same deal, theres that 6 coming on the river, and if there was a photograph in that moment I bet you would see one of those blurry entities fucking with the deck in the photo before the river was dealt. There is bad luck, and then there is me. Cursed? Hindered? One thing is for sure its not these card players that are beating me.
And thats whats keeping me going, because I know I can do this! Ive been so patient, and my time will come 🙂  They say AS LONG AS YOU KEEP PUTTING YOUR CHIPS IN THE MIDDLE YOU WILL SUCCEED OVER TIME.  

still waiting…….    wtf………


Im dying to talk about heads up poker.  Thats probably 40% of my success.  But I havent read much about heads up strategy, so Im interested to see what I write.    Coming soon.!.