Alright ladies and gentlemen, Im back.

Im back, Im back.     hot damn.. 

I lost it one day, just had enough, I took a leap over the edge and I found some nice results!  I really feel I found the next level of my game out there.   I can even see it differently. 

Envision with me if you will, yourself as a guitar player, who is trying to learn this really difficult song.   Spending months at it.  Hours upon hours.  And one day you get it, and its awesome, and its easy now, and its beautiful.  And you look back to the time you spent getting to this point, and the struggles and the frustration endured.   And now youre looking back from a higher spot, a new level, and it even feels better!

Or like at the end of the Matrix, where he finally realizes nothing is real, and when they fire shots at him he just utters ‘no, and the bullets just ease to a stop in front of him.   Thats how I feel.  In cards.  Just like, ‘no.         I have the best hand.

Its the craziest thing, but for the first time in a long time I am consistently winning over a long period of time, and my bad variances are only lasting a short day or 2.   And my tests have been running for a few months now.  Its safe to say Im happy with my game and its showing.

I know I told you guys before I was in a hole.  You know, first I had to learn poker, then when I was good I lost at expensive heads up games with hands that shouldve won.   And Ive been climbing out at small stakes ever since.  You know this.

Well I found a way back up.








You see that drop on the left there.  The big one is some more expensive heads up.   Then I go back down again to the bottom, right there in the middle.  That was a long spiral down, probably a couple months worth, about 800 games.   Then, I go straight up.  Well, thats about 800 games too, and its been about 2 months since the day I started rising.   I remember the day, I was sitting right here!  And I just said, you know what, fuck it.  I am gonna just play SUPER AGGRESSIVE.    Maybe it was a tilt thing Im not sure, but the first moment of my next game, it became so clear and I destroyed everything.   And I never slowed down, ive been running like this every day and everything is easier and I can just see poker and the players so clearly now












Its aggression man.   There are so many benefits and positives in it, and so few negatives.    It just takes a bit of guts, and a hard loss once in a while.  Some of these people are like ants now.  I just see them working hard and trying their best to do whats right and I just lean on in and squash em.  Squash em dead, hundreds of them.  And sometimes they try and crawl all over you but you cant let them up, you just gotta wipe em off and keep squishing them like little fish.   In this case the fish are the ants and theyre actually calling you fish but lets move on..


Super Aggressive.  I think this is the way, the truth and the light.   Like if you read my heads up post, I wrote that just a little while before I made this SupAgg leap.   And it was pretty aggressive already.  Well, Ive almost doubled the aggression described in that post.  In heads up, I raise everything, all the time, and reraise, and get caught bluffing, and every time I end up with a good hand when they think I am bluffing again.   And sometimes I raise with 84 off and the flop comes 84x and I just keep betting and they just keep thinking ‘fuck off you cant have every hand!  And theyll call me down with A7and lose.  Or theyll have JJ or something awesome and because they were to afraid to reraise me again I took em out with 84off and it becomes funny 🙂

I usually play heads up.  You know this too.  And second to that I play 6 seater sit n go’s.  And I dont play many MTT.  But Ive started to.  A few weeks ago I got first place in one.  I havent done that since before 2010.  I played one tonight, as I was writing this and guess what, I got 1st place again, just now! 🙂    It was only 20 bucks but its pretty good to me since I dont play them much.  I think I may start playing higher value mtts soon.  But look at my last couple hours just sitting here thinking about writing and playing low stakes:






I just noticed now that the other MTT I got first place was on september 23, and I just got first place tonight, november 23rd!   Coincidence? 


This aggressive poker is really working for me.  and it all boils down to the facts.

Oh, what are the facts, you ask?  Well, its simple.


The facts are this:

When you play super aggressive, you become intimidating, bullyistic if you will.   What happens when people start to get bullied?  Well, one of two things.  They either remain bullied until they are broken.   Or they take a stand at a certain boiling point,  with anything and everything they can.   In other words, if you keep raising them, they will wait ages for AA and shove all in, or they will be forced to wait for a mediocre hand like QJoffsuit.

So theyre folding their 57’s and their J8off’s, and you keep stealing the blinds with T9 and 45suited.  Theyre getting frustrated, and frustrated usually makes mistakes.  Since you stole all those blinds you have a 3:1 chip lead.   Now its hilarious to me when you see these frustratees’  finally catch a hand, you make a pre-flop raise from 300 750 and they go all in 3100.   You can easily fold because chances are you have a poor hand and they are going to win only 750 of your money with KK lol.  All that waiting and they spoiled the surprise with an obvious push.  Maybe they wanted that 750 but if it were me, Id want to double up.

I love it especially in early stages, with even stacks.  After three hands you can hear the fellows blood boiling and he finally reraises 500 to 4000 LOL.  So I fold and his AA just got 2 big blinds from me HA.   Usually you can tell after a three bet if he has something wicked.  He raises on the button 3x to 600.  You reraise to 1200 with 96hearts, he goes all in 9000.  Ok, keep it 🙂   Rinse and repeat.   Do it 3 or 4 times and dont worry about your chips youll go down to 7000 or so, big deal.  What hes learning is that you will reraise everything and fold to another reraise.   The first time he had AA,  The next time he probably had 55 or something.  Now hes gonna start doing it with KQoff, and maybe JTsuited, or A8suited.  Watch, it wont be long, you will get dealt 88 or AQsuited, or JJ sometimes, and you will call and he will be a major underdog.

These are the open spots where you will sometimes receive bad beats, but the variance seems to hold up in a day.   Its a fact that if you continuously bully someone, they will become frustrated.   Its a fact that when people are frustrated, they dont play their best poker game.   Its a fact that when you bet everything, all the time, its hard to tell when you have the best hand.  I dont even change my betting patterns much.  Mostly everything in heads up is 2.5 raise before the flop.  26offsuit, or KK.  Same raise.  I can fold KK if the flop comes QQ3 and he reraises me and goes all in after that.

So the job becomes – get your opponent frustrated.  Bully him, and fold if you have to.  Bet small 3 times on a AJK flop, with a J turn, and a 4 river, bet three times with 76offsuit and let him call and see.   Hell call you down with a king.   And then hell just know you are full of shit, ALL the time.  Then do the same when you have a flush 🙂

When he opens the hand with a raise, reraise him.  Do it with T4suited, or 36suited.  do it with 9Toffsuit.  Make sure he see your cards eventually.   Or sometimes, just make the call and bet first after the flop.  Do this every time you call a raise.    Or if he calls your raise after the flop, and he bets, raise him.  DO IT NOW!

Its true, basically play like a donk, but only once do you have to actually have the hand and get your chips in.  Its a fact that if you continuously put chips in the pot, there will be nothing suspicious when you bet with dominating hands.   A few weeks ago, I actually was dealt JJ on the button, and I raise to 250, and they raised to 600 and I raised to 1200 and they called.  They were so used to me reraising everything that it just becomes a habit to call me, and the flop came JJ8or something, and they bet and I raised them and they called and the turn was a third heart they probably had a flush and they bet and I raised them and they raised me and I raised them, and the river came something I cant remember and they went all in and I called.  I had 4 jacks right from the flop and I just bet like it was anything.  Many people would check on 4 jacks on the flop but that would be suspicious since I DONT EVER CHECK.   Well, not much.  Theres a line somewhere and you cant do it every single hand when the blinds grow large, sometimes youll need to check 38 on a flop of 3AQ.

Theres people that are aggressive like you and they keep reraising you trying to get you frustrated.  Its tricky but I usually handle them pretty well.  Theres a difference here, and what I am preaching is to keep doing that and then when it comes time to call an all in, you have a great hand like AK or QQ or even ATsuited.  Your not making the calls with JKoff or A9off, and when your up against an opponent who likes to reraise you, these are the hands he will have when he reraises you all in.   Thats the difference, you will call all ins with the best 7 percent of hands, where as he will be shoving with the best 30 percent of hands.   He will like to do this with 89suited and JQoffsuit, even 45suited.  As I mentioned before those are my favorite hands, those low suited connectors, but they are not even-stack all-in hands, they are for when you have an enormous chip lead, or when you are almost out of chips, or just a simple raise and reraise during even-stack matches.


And as a general rule of thumb, The less chips your opponent has, the wider your range becomes.  Like if you have 16000 and he has 4000 and the blinds are 600/1200, you can raise the button with K8suited, and call his reraise all in.  But if you have 12000 and he has 8000 I wouldnt make the all in call with K8s here.



I basically ask questions in the form of small bets.  And I ask a lot of motherfucking questions 😀 And sometimes theyll answer me and Ill just have to ask a new louder question.    Until they get so angered by your annoying questions that theyll start trying to ask their own, or answer yours with a bang.  And if you do things right, youll respond to their bang with a kapow. 

Its working for me, and I really exclaim keeping the bare facts in mind at all times.  keep asking yourself, is this person frustrated?  Is he trying to one-up me?  Will he have a better hand than my AJ here?  Is he gonna think I am bluffing if I keep betting this set?  Will a reraise hurt? 

Im sure this stuff doesnt always work on Gus and Daniel but it works at $1, $3, $6, and even $12 dollar heads up.  And when I make it to $20 comfortably I will update my games changes, if any, accordingly 🙂 


If your looking for a different angle on poker, or your doing ok but your just missing that certain edge, I highly recommend super aggressive style.  Just remember you dont always have to call an all in with KJ.  


Ill be in touch 😉