As you can see, I have not written in my poker blog for some time, which I did say would happen periodically.  On a bit of a bad luck streak in poker and in life too. (broke my brand new phone, wrote my car off)  Also, like my life, I have a few articles that are half complete, and I don’t really want to finish them at this time.  (Kind of like my dishes and my laundry)   So lately, when I feel like writing, Im leaning towards writing in another section totally unrelated to poker.   And way back in my very first post 4 years ago ( )  I mentioned that I would write about other things eventually.   Well, this day has come.

There are things Ive written already, and things that I have only ideas to write about.   For example the first thing I will post after this, was written in 2005!   But rest assured, I will post more about poker in the future, and like I said, will never ever stop playing.  Just a break..


And so Rants n Reasoning is incipient,  I hope to induce some new writings.  Or at least find relevant reasons to post all my gifs and photos!



My poker blog, as you can see, has now transformed into a blog about much more than poker.  And just to elucidate any confusion, Rants n Reasoning was a category in my poker blog where anything that wasnt about poker was put.