Poker is just not as fun as it used to be.  Its not because of the game, but because of the sites running them, and the players playing nowadays.  I feel like it used to be poker lovers running the sites, and now I would guess its just business people who want to get rich off of all the players playing and contributing rake. Poker sites are constantly changing the software, the platforms, the themes and the options. Its evident that the people in charge  are not asking “how can we change our site to make this game funner for everyone?”  But rather “how can we change this game so we make more money off of it?”


I played at for most of my poker life. When it first started it was so fun, and easy to navigate. Throughout the years they have made many changes. There is a forum where people made it clear they hated many of the changes, but no one in charge seemed to care. I cant say how many posts Ive read where people say they are leaving this site because of things, and now when I play PKR it takes 25 minutes to get a game started, and theyve eliminated their online chat support, Im guessing because they are losing business and cant afford to pay these employees around the clock anymore.  How inconvenient for us, cause we all know that when we have an inquiry, emails promise to take 48 business hours, and everyone knows poker players inquires are in real-time.


After their journey of changes, they have reverted back to some of the older properties that made it fun to play there. But Id have to admit that its too little too late. I withdrew from there a few times lately and it promised money in my account in 8-10 business days. All withdrawals took Over a month to reach my account and much complaining. In the end I got a couple of 6 dollar tickets for my troubles. Lol. Too bad PKR, you should have listened to the players. We told you so.  /rude


888 poker, they keep offering free stuff to play there. Years ago it was 8 dollars, no strings attached. Now its 88, so I joined. Instead of 88 dollars I got 50 cents cash and a single 50 cent ticket to a tournament. Whatever. So I tried to find the right tournament to join, and the layout is just so busy it hurts the eyes. Its like looking at a blinking spaceship. Finally I see one that my ticket will get me into, and when I click on it it doesnt tell me anything. Ya it tells you the blind structures and the players and positions, but how many fucking starting chips do I get? How many seats are there per table? I couldnt find this information and more so, I couldnt spend much time looking before it felt like I was trying to read bible scripture from across the room.


Imagine looking through that for a tournament while the colors are moving to accommodate the  tables opening and closing, and the advertisements at the top and bottom right forever looping.  Its fucking spinney. 


So you click whatever buttons and join whatever tournament already under way. i start with 1500 chips and the blinds are 300-600 already lol. At a 9 person table. Obviously first decent hand Im all in, KQ suited and the callers I get are 65off and 24suited and A7off. KA3 is the flop, 5 is the turn and Q is the river. So 24 wins with the straight. I would have beat 56 and A7 but theres always some hero risking 3/4 of his stack with 2-4 out of position.
I wanted to know where the rest of my 88 dollars was, but 888 poker doesnt have online chat support either, so I searched my welcome emails, and what they do is needle out little 50 cent tickets over the next few days until they add up to 88 dollars. They all expire the same day so if you want to get anywhere, you need to deposit money or survive the fucking idiots who dont care what cards they play for any amount of money and hope to win something from the tourneys. That and log in every day before your ticket expires.


Clever eh? Ive played 3 or 4 now and its always the same. They are hard to find, the raise buttons are stupid, and everyone sucks out wins with shitty hands they shouldnt be playing in the first place.  You cant swear in the chat but my screen name is NoFucks, spelled just that way.  LOL.  On gambling websites you are not allowed to swear.  Is this not fucking hilarious?  You can swear on facebook!  Gamblers must be the legal age to gamble, which is usually an appropriate age to be around swearing.  Gambling itself is probably more frowned upon these days than swearing.  English words that are in the dictionary which is available to children, that I cant type from my own free country on a website that you must be an adult to play at.  LOFL.


There is one thing tho that is way too common in every single game I play these days that pisses me off . Its the main reason why I am bored.  And that is the clock-time allowed to make a decision.  These fucking idiots just allow their clock time to run out every hand. Thats fine, and allowed, but the amount of time given to them is way too much. Its about 20 seconds. At a table with 6 people, the first guy to act wants to see a flop with his shitty hand so he waits and waits making it look like hes pondering a raise, then after 16 seconds he limps in under the gun with a shitty hand. Idiot.

The next person is a fucking brain head and theyre mathing out the whole scenario of this tough decision before them, and after 18 seconds they flat call. The next person is a dick and they run the clock out on purpose and become sat out. The next person does the same thing, but only to get back at the people that made her wait so long. The next person is like me, imfuckingpatient, so he quickly calls. I have 99 on the big blind so I raise it 5x the big blind, the first guy who wanted to see a flop for free lets the clock run out to fold and become sat out. The brain head uses all her time and flat calls. And the last guy folds.


So almost 2 minutes later we see a flop and its 67T. I bet fucking huge. The brain head takes 20 seconds again before deciding I am trying to steal this pot with K high and goes all in with A3. I call with 99 straight draw and mid pair, and the cards fall 5, and 4, giving her 34567. Its fucking retarded. These people dont need 20 seconds to decide what to do, their only going to do one of three things, and that is run the clock down and limp in, run the clock down and fold, or run the clock down and min-bet.


For when people really need time to make a tough decision there is an extra time button which gives you 60 seconds in a bank to use throughout the tourney. I say the regular time needs to be cut in half for online poker to remain fun. The people are just abusing the time to be idiots. I cant help believe that most of them think it creates an intensity  to scare people into not raising before the flop, so they can continuously see cheap flops with the worst hands imaginable.


  Other people run the clock to piss people off so when they have a good hand someone will raise them cause theyre sick of waiting for them. It shouldnt take me an hour and 20 minutes to win $1.16 against 6 people, but it does.
Like fuck. When your 80 years old do you really wanna look back and know that 152 days of your life was spent running the clock down in poker in hopes of potentially winning a fucking dollar 16? I sure as fuck dont, I have better things to do. Cut these peoples time in half. There are turbo tournaments where play is faster, but blinds are also increased more often, and you start with less chips. Ya thats faster alright, but its not what I want. short stacked fast blind tourneys force you to play hands youd rather not because the blinds are so big so quick. You cant wait for AK so you wait instead for A9off and you get beat by QToff. Its not the same.
Ill mention Pokerstars too, the same shit.  Pokerstars, PKR, 888.  These are the sites I play at.  Long ago there was also MansionPoker, Doyles Room which became Americas Cardroom, Full Tilt and PartyPoker.  Theres probably 2 or 3 others I put money into also that I cant recall.  I guess Im thinking about switching poker sites cause like I said, Im just not enjoying it anymore with todays momentum.  I need a room with card players only, down to business.  Players that know time has a value on this earth, that play quicker than 20 seconds per turn.   A cardroom that people seek out like an underdog, that does not attract all the idiots who watch commercials and look at advertisements.  Yeah, Im on to something. 


I also play WSOP on my phone for when I am not home.  Its only fake chips but its a good enough fix.  The idiots on there?  Wow, I cant even begin, but thats what its for, the millennials who see poker and hear poker and think its cool, and wanna be able to say that they play and say that their good.  Most all people have never watched more than a few hours of poker on tv, or read a book on Texas Holdem, or read notes and blogs and tips.   Meaning no strategy beyond their own imagination.  And among those strategies is the “make em wait and think Im pondering a raise with AA but instead Ill limp in after 20 seconds and they will be too scared to raise it because I will probably go all in, and so Ill get to see the flop from any position with 36offsuit!” strategy.


I love poker so much, I always thought I could make a lot of money from it.  And Ive made a bit.  Taken some withdrawals that came late, but came at a time when I really needed it.  But in my life Im probably down money.   Ohhh, wait a sec.  If I counted all the times Ive won cash at home games, then its pretty close.  Im probably just ahead.  But the point is Im getting beat by idiots when I get beat.  Just today last 3 in a 6 man SNG, and blinds are large, I made a big raise bigger than normal!  the one guy goes all in, with his last remaining chips, after seeing how Ive played the entire match, and how I won my pots, and its the bubble of the tourney.  2nd place gets paid, first place gets paid, and third place doesnt.  Hes got a decent stack of chips, probably couldve folded 6 hands and one of us would have been eliminated by then, but he was a hero, all in, Q7offsuit is what he risked getting paid or not on, at the moment of fucking truth vs my TT.  and he got a queen and I was gone.   The entire tournament led to that moment for him to decide, hey, that guy is good but I think I can beat him with my Q7 offsuit, right now!  


Or, same scenario last 3, top 2 get paid.  lots of chips each.  Buddy has been min raising every pot, the hands he shows are always two overcards like QK, AT, QJ etc.  He min raises my big blind I have A4off, I call.  Flop 473.  Im first to act I bet a bit more than minimum, he calls.  Next card is a 9, and Im pretty sure Ive got him beat.  Hes bound to have QT, or AJ, or KJ.  My next bet would commit me so it was go all in or check and potentially have to fold to his bet on the river.  I went all in with my pair of 4s ace high, and he called, the remainder of his chips.  his tournament life.  Theres a possible straight on board, theres a possible flush, and many combinations of pairs that can beat him, but he calls, AQoff, ace high.  Risks his tournament life on ace high after 4 cards, and the river is a Q.  Im out.  3 cards that can help his disastrous decision and he gets one. 


Ive read tonnes of books.  Ive scrolled through countless hours of blog posts and tips and training and strategy.  Ive written my own poker blog!  Ive played for over a decade for real money online at handfuls of sites.  Ive signed up for newsletters and even paid a guy 30 bucks to send me pro tips and videos for 3 months.  Ive played for 10 cents and Ive played for 100 dollars, many times.  Ive played for free and Ive played with other peoples money.  Ive watched every poker movie there is.  I have been told by people at high stakes that I am talented, and that I should play higher! 


And most of all, I am fucking intelligent as fuck, and I can see how people play, and you dont need professionals opinions after so long to know what are profitable decisions and what arent.  I know my poker, and my math, and even when I know my opponents, its just not enough to come out on top these days.  its like J7 will beat QQ 7 times out of 10 now.  The laws of averages are changing and I cant grasp why. 


Losing to bad beats before was bad, it inspired my entire idiot bashing blog.  But nowadays losing to bad beats is even worse because nowadays I am forced to sit and stare at depleting timers for the maximum amount of time before I can subject myself to the guillotine with KK only to be cut down with K8.  It is just not fun anymore for me.  I need to play poker and I need to exercise my studies to win money, but I cant do it in the time-frame these slow idiots have engendered, and I cant seem to do it with the cards people are calling my bets with these days.  I need a new poker site that is sought after by people who agree with me and one that is shielded in the shadows from advertising attracting the lucky fools.  That, and I need more home games where I can be certain robots arent in control of my hands destiny.