The best game around.

Only its not a game for me anymore.  It used to be..
Sitting on my computer, bored, wondering, should I play that facebook game, and collect a bunch of tokens and try to get the high score? Or play a tournament of poker for 10thousand play-chips, and try to double up.  Then go play some NHL 08 on playstation..  My days were filled with games.

Eventually I thought “If I’m gonna waste my spare time each day on games, shouldnt my efforts go into the one where I can win money?”  It was just as fun as any other game.  But I wasnt sure about depositing real money.  Then its a year later and you look back at the time youve invested into poker.  450000 play-chips.  So I bought a pre-paid credit card and threw in $50

6 months later, sitting there wondering where that 50 bux went. …

Then it hits you:       You Cant Treat This Like A Game Anymore.

Youre not just passing time anymore.  Youre coming home from work and logging into poker before you take off your boots.  Youre staying awake until the wee hours of morning when you have to be at work soon.  You told your friends you were sick and avoided the bar, only to pull up a chair at the computer in the dark with a pepsi and some cigarettes.  This was the real deal.

It can cost you money to play, or you can make money playing. This was no game, not anymore.  It occurred to me that up until then, I was throwing coins into a slot machine.  Rolling a dice.  Straight gambling.  I had no real strategy, no discipline, no insight, no results.  And it was costing me money to play.  I had to find out what people knew.  Were there secrets?  Fail-safe strategies?  What was I missing?

A year later.  Youve read pages and pages of tips, blog postings, forums, youve purchased a book and read it twice.  Everything doesnt need to be a gamble.  Why play when the odds are against you and luck is your only hope?  This time around, Im choosing which hands to play, and from what position to play them, and I make sure I have good odds.  And now luck plays a minimal part.  Develop a good understanding of whats really going on here.

The bankroll goes up, not down.  When you lose a big hand, you have QQ and they had KJ and caught a king on the river.  You dont get caught losing big pots with ace high.  You dont call 2 preflop raises with A6offsuit.  This is not facebook poker.

After two years now of delving and consuming poker opinion,  Im only beginning to have scratched the surface.  There is so much knowledge and opinion to gain.  Having to adapt to the various strategies, as the number of players continues to increase, is also endless.

I love the game of texas holdem.  I intend to love it as long as I live.  And though I havent got any real results yet, I am continuing to learn each day, more and more.  This blog will be my lifes journal, learning, sharing, and hopefully succeeding at poker. 

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